Thank you for the generosity of coaches and mangers in assisting with sport at Francis Douglas Memorial College. Our school has a proud tradition of commitment to participation in team sports and cultural activities. This sheet is written to set out our school policy and the necessary guidelines to assist making sports activities safe and successful.
Sports Policy
  1. All coaches and managers will be issued with a copy of this card and should be familiar with its content.
  2. Fair-play, socially acceptable behaviour and a reasonable degree of competitiveness is expected from coaches, managers and students.
  3. All school sporting activities are under the management and control of the Deputy Principal (Tim Stuck), Director of Sport (Nick Taylor) and Sports Committee, which is appointed by the Principal.
  4. Students are expected to play for the College. Parents can apply to the Principal for a dispensation on a year by year basis.
  5. Funding of a sports team is on a user pays basis. The funds must be administered by the school Executive Officer (Mrs Blair).
  6. The Masters in charge of sporting codes will coordinate the appointment of coaches to each team with the assistance of the Director of Sport.
  7. While coordination and supervision may be possible in some instances, the College cannot guarantee the safety of students being transported to sporting events by other students.
  8. Prior to entry in any competition or tournament (excluding regular local competition) the approval of the principal needs to be sought.
  9. Prior to any change in sports uniform, the approval of the principal needs to be sought.
  10. Any fundraising needs to have the approval of the schools Executive Officer.
  11. In instances where coaches, managers or students are not maintaining the required standards, the College reserves the right to set restrictions or withdraw the opportunity to be involved with sporting activities.
What should coaches and managers expect from school?
  • To be issued with a copy of this sheet to explain our procedures and expectations
  • The opportunity to request professional development assistance
  • Access to our Director of Sport, Sports Coordinator to assist with organization and questions
  • Provision of student uniforms and/or equipment
  • Collection of fees for the activity involved
  • Assistance in the event of disciplinary issues
  • The College's acknowledgement
What does the school expect of coaches and managers?
  • Good communication with team members
  • Competent coaching
  • Fairness in selection of team members
  • All squad members to be given reasonable opportunity for games
  • Competitiveness – but not to an unreasonable extent
  • The building of team pride and school pride
  • Fair-play emphasis
  • An emphasis on student safety (and hygiene – drink bottles)
  • The use of only appropriate language
  • A regular presence at practices and games or arrangement of substitute or adequate notice of postponement or cancellation
  • That insistence on appropriate official student uniform is made
  • No alcohol consumption while responsible for students
  • Prohibition on alcohol consumption by students while under the coach's care
  • Notification to the school in the event of difficulties with any student
  • Operation within budget
  • Return of all equipment and/or uniforms at the end of the season
What should students expect of coaches and managers?
  • Fairness
  • Understanding
  • Clear communication
  • Competent coaching
  • Good role modeling
  • Regular game participation as long as behaviour is acceptable
  • The expectation of being moved to the bottom of the team list if behaviour or attendance is unacceptable
  • Encouragement
What should coaches and managers expect from students?
  • Regular and timely attendance at practices and games or a satisfactory explanation
  • An appropriate level of effort
  • Respect and obedience
  • Appropriate language at all times
  • Appropriate gear
  • Assistance with gear and changing room clean up afterwards
  • Expressions of gratitude
What should the school, students, coaches and managers expect of parents?
  • Be supportive of your son and the team he is involved in.
  • All comments from the sideline should be unbiased and positive.
  • DO NOT abuse any officials, opposition players or spectators, please remember they perform this role on a voluntary basis.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour reflects badly on your son, the team and is likely to tarnish the Colleges reputation as a major force in Taranaki Secondary school sport.
  • If you have any issues regarding your son's team, please contact the Master in Charge of the sport or the Director of Sport.
  • We value your support and look forward to seeing you on the sidelines.
What makes a good coaching session?
  • Communication of changes to all team members in advance
  • A regular time and venue
  • Promptness
  • A welcome and reinforcement of the need to attend promptly
  • Adequate warm up and warm down
  • A wide range of different activities that emphasise different skills
  • Fitness training
  • Team building activities
  • Challenging yet reasonable degrees of exertion and expectation
  • Encouragement
  • A degree of flexibility in fitting in with team members' other commitments
  • Reinforcement of standards of behaviour and dress
  • Communication of game location, time and any other details