Walking with God as a De La Salle Brother

Sunday 11 May was the World Day of Prayer for Vocations – a day to remember and pray for those who have already responded to God's call and to encourage and pray for those God may be calling to serve the community as priests, brothers, sisters, members of secular institutes, deacons or lay ministers. Below is a personal reflection by Brother Peter Bray, former student and principal of the College that appeared in WEL-COM, the Diocesan newspaper.

While I was at school, I was taught by some extraordinary men who were De La Salle Brothers. They inspired me to reflect on what it was that captured them. I was intrigued to watch these men, happy to be with one another and happy to work very hard for our good.

I sensed there was more to what I saw than met the eye. They were in the midst of a very hectic time in getting a new school established and I sensed there was something intriguing about them. I could not put my finger on it but it hooked me in a way that I felt I wanted to know more about them and what made them tick. There was a certain “Whatever he's on, I want some!” In looking back on the way my life has unfolded, I marvel at how I see the Spirit of God having worked there.

My inquisitive niggle led me to explore more and I eventually joined the group and became a De La Salle Brother. In doing so I became enthralled by the spirit of St John Baptist de La Salle engendered in the Brothers he founded. The idea of living and working with a sense of the presence of God continually with me is central to our spirituality and over the years has led me to marvel at how God has been guiding me. The relationship I have developed with God because of being a Brother has opened to me a host of opportunities and experiences that I had no expectation I would ever have. I remain a Brother because I am convinced that I am walking with God in my daily life and that the work I do is God's.

I live a busy, fulfilled life with a confidence that belonging to a faith-filled group where God's spirit is guiding and challenging me is contributing to building the reign of God. This is God's work and God's spirit at work in it.

The challenge for me is to become ever more true to the person I am, that is a son of God who is loved beyond my wildest dreams and called to live life to the full.

I feel a call to be open to my brothers and those around me. In doing this I believe God will lead me to live constantly aware that I am enveloped in the love of a God which is beyond my comprehension. With that awareness I feel called, as Joel was, “to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with my God.”

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