2003 Rockquest

It was a black Friday but there still had to be winners and losers. With staunch competition this year from Spotswood College and NPBHS it was sure to be an interesting night. Our very own "Homebrew" were very first to kick off the night; their stage image and presence was second to none. Their different punk rock style was very energetic and crowd moving.

With the crowd activity dying down quickly it was time for "Primal Instinct" to take the bull by the horns and put on a show and a half. Their unique costumes and high stage activity seemed to get the crowd back on their toes. It seemed ‘hard rock' was the cure for the crowd's motionless behaviour.

Soon after that the final college band "The Myth" came out to play. They provided an interesting mix of soft rock and soothing rhythms, and great musicianship, but was this the style needed to bring home the bacon?

The awards were going in all directions with "The Myth "receiving two awards out of the six. Then the moment of truth came. "In second place … The Myth. Who was to get first though? With the crowd dead quiet the presenter said, "The winner of the Taranaki Rock Quest 2003 is from FDMC, "Primal Instinct".

With the two main spots secured by FDMC it had turned from a "Black Friday" to a college first.

"Primal Instinct" now has big plans for the future and I'm sure "The Myth" is in the process of trying to go all the way.

All up, it was an awesome night! Thank you all for turning up and showing your support.

Jacob Coulton - Primal Instinct


Primal Instinct:
Phillip Donaldson, Jacob Coulton, Ryan Christiansen, Joey Parr, Ben Ingram.

The Myth:
Luke Herlihy, Lucinda Herlihy, Graeme Crehan, Rhyan Honeyfield, Jonathon Crehan

Chip McCabe, Jeremy Clark, Hohepa Te Moana, Simon Brunton.