Year 13 Attainment & Diligence

15 November 2003

Zachary Anderson Attainment Computer Studies – Yr 12
Cory Avison Attainment Geography
Samuel Barrett Attainment English
Nicholas Carey Attainment History Geography
Matthew Cartwright Diligence Hospitality
Owen Clarke Diligence Geography
Natthan Cleaver Attainment Mathematics with Calculus Mathematics with Statistics
Graeme Crehan Attainment Classical Studies Diligence Biology
Jaiden Drought Attainment Agriculture Geography Diligence Design
Blake Dunlop Attainment Graphics
Ryan Fleming Attainment Geography
Alistair Gall Diligence Photography
Daniel Graham Attainment Biology
Blair Gregg Attainment Agriculture Diligence Mathematics with Statistics
Isaac Hayward Attainment Hospitality
Mark Heath Attainment Agriculture Diligence Chemistry
Luke Herlihy Attainment History Geography
Jeremy Hill Attainment Graphics
Nathan Hill Attainment History Geography Economics
Thomas Hills Attainment Physics English
Adam Joblin Diligence Design
Daniel King Attainment PE Studies Diligence Graphics
Mark Klenner Attainment Physics Diligence Biology
Jean-Pierre Le Prou Attainment English Biology
Tony Maindonald Diligence Design
Luke Mann Attainment Chemistry Diligence Biology
Cameron Muggeridge Diligence Geography PE Studies
Kane O'Keeffe Attainment PE Studies Diligence Biology
Brendan Pope Attainment Economics
Leon Power Diligence Chemistry
Joseph Radich Attainment Graphics Diligence Mathematics with Calculus Physics
Robert Rawles Attainment English Diligence Physics
Matthew Smith Diligence Geography Chemistry
Geoffrey Sole Diligence Electronics
Gareth Tai Attainment Geography
Aaron Waite Attainment PE Studies Diligence Biology
Cameron Walsh Attainment Mathematics with Statistics
Samuel Ward Diligence English
Christopher Webby Attainment Mathematics with Statistics Mathematics with Calculus
Cameron Whelan Attainment Agriculture
Sean Zieltjes Attainment Geography