Graduates News

The College congratulates the following old boys who have graduated from tertiary institutions in 2003. The information has been provided by Massey University. We would be grateful to receive the names of any other old boys who may have graduated in 2003 whose institutions are not listed - please contact us.

The date shown is the last year at school.

Massey University

Donaldson, James BE(Hons) 1998
Hignett, Robert GDipSc, Psychology 1994
Hogan, Michael BA(Hons) 1981
Jupp, Shanan DipAg 2000
Kendrick, Jun BBS, PGDipBusAdmin, Communication Management 1997
Lynskey, Simon BApplSc 1998
Mack, Douglas PGDipBusAdmin, Human Resource Management 1989
McDonald, Ryan BTech(Hons) 1998
Quin, Jon-Henri BSc 1998
Schumacher, Terence PGDipBusAdmin 1978
Smith, Haedon BA 1997
Stevenson, Jason BE(Hons) 1998

University of Auckland

Edwards, David BArch 1980
Ewing, Gregory MSc 1993
Maclean, Quentin PGDipHlthSc 1994

Victoria University of Wellington

Kiss, Michael BCA 1992
Sevicke-Jones, Richard BA 1996

University of Canterbury

Johnson, Wayne BE(Hons) 1995
Kendrick, Chito BE(Hons) 1998
McDavitt, Bernard BE(Hons) 1997

University of Otago

Carey, Karl BA 1997
Hargreaves, Patrick Msc 1994
Smiley, Richard MB ChB 1996
Smith, Kelby MHealSc 1995
Stuck, Michael BPhEd 1998
Wilson, Shane BCom - 1998