Newsletter Term 2 No. 6

"Dear Parents & Caregivers,

In this newsletter you will read about a large number of activities that FDMC students have been involved in since last term. It is wonderful to see the high level of participation and involvement in activities such as the Japan trip, Year 9 Camps, Law Mooting competitions, Stage Challenge, O'Shield. Many of the staff and students involved in these activities have also taken part in sports exchanges with De La Salle College Mangere and St John's College Hastings. The College thanks the staff for providing these opportunities for the boys and encourages the boys to continue to avail themselves of the opportunities academic, cultural and sporting that are presented to them.

Brother Peter

FDMC 2004 JAPAN TRIP (Ruth Marris)

Ten of our Japanese language students had a most successful trip to Japan in April. Thanks to a very supportive fundraising committee and grants from the Southern Trust and the New Zealand Community Trust, the group spent nineteen days visiting tourist spots, practising the language and experiencing Japanese culture firsthand.

Father Leo Schumacher, an ex-pupil of FDMC, organised our Tokyo accommodation in a church hall. Chris Wicky, Kyle Crowley, Martin Barrientos, Larz Corry, Mitchell Day, David Freeman, Josh Naus, Tipene Bryant, Jason Senior and Trent Willis travelled together with Mr and Mrs Marris. We experienced the crowds in Tokyo, including Shinjuku Station, which sees four million people (the population of New Zealand) pass through every day.

There were great contrasts- from the very modern, originally shaped buildings of Yokohama and the Tokyo Bay area to the traditional temples and shrines of Asakusa and Meiji.

One short day was spent in Mishima, our sister city, then several days in Kyoto visiting palaces, temples, shrines and a modern- and fascinating- railway station.

Our last two bases were both homestays. The students enjoyed once again meeting up with the Hiroshima students we hosted in New Plymouth at the end of March, and who looked after us so well in Hiroshima where we visited the Peace Park and Museum, and left the paper cranes we had made, the island of Miyajima (cablecar, shrine and shopping) and Iwakuni with its old style bridge and castle.

Osaka was our last homestay and final stop, with visits to two schools, a castle and high modern tower, and- most popular- a theme park. Our return flight was from the ten year old Kansai International Airport near Osaka, which is on reclaimed land off the coast.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip for all involved. We brought everyone back in one piece despite the incidents of losing/forgetting tickets, and all have promised to return to a land of such tremendous contrasts and such lovely, generous people.


Stage Challenge 2004 was held on Friday 30 April with the theme “Loyal – Our Tribute” based on the life of Sir Peter Blake.

The judges presented FDMC with ten awards:

  • The Subway Award of Excellence for Performance Skill

  • Award of Excellence for Set and Prop. Design

  • Award of Excellence for Stage Use

  • ZM Award of Excellence for Soundtrack

  • Award of Excellence for Concept

  • Award of Excellence for Choreography

  • Student Achievement Award

  • Education Review School Initiative Award

The College was also voted by the other schools as being the friendliest school and one that embodied the Stage Challenge Spirit. This award was a real coup for the boys.

  • The Youth Development Spirit of the Stage Challenge Award

  • Stage Challenge Provisional 2nd Place Award.

None of this would have been possible without the leadership of Mrs Jane Connolly, Ms Suzee Freeman and the Stage Challenge Committee of Morgan Davies (who was a major player in organising the College submission. Morgan's enthusiasm and organisational skills were outstanding), Daniel Burkett, Chip McCabe, Seamus Doyle and Jamie Barrett assisted by teachers Mrs Chevonne Liddle and Mrs Mary Williams and of course the dedication over a long period of time of those students who performed on stage and those responsible for the behind-the-scenes work with set construction, sound and music, lighting and stage set-up.

Thank you to the parents, students and staff who gave of their time to construct props., and provided support during our planning and preparation. Without backstage crew, make-up helpers, and hammer- hands we could not have functioned

Our sponsors as always were generous in providing materials.

  • Mc Kernan's Painting and Decorating provided paint

  • New Zealand Towel Supply provided metres of old sheeting that was transformed into sails and costumes

  • Second Impressions Clothing loaned us trousers

  • New Plymouth Operatic provided us with props. and costume hire at reduced rates

  • BOC Gases supplied us with Helium Gas at a competitive rate

  • Jones and Sandford generously loaned us $720.00 worth of flags

  • Pizza Haven for supplying all schools with cut-rate Pizza orders for dinner

  • Karl of Screen Art for supplying us with great T. shirts for an excellent price

Mark and Mary Williams (Park City Concrete) surprised us with financial assistance which has helped to decrease our debt. Our thanks to them for this awesome generosity.

A big thank you must go to Subway who as major sponsors of the event also came to the school after our last rehearsal and provided platters of sandwiches.


Thank you to the people who put their names forward as candidates for the Board of Trustees and for the many parents who took the opportunity to vote in the recent Board elections. Congratulations to the following candidates who have been elected to the Board:

Parent Representatives: Mr Paul Bourke, Mrs Jenny Dobson, Mr Peter Siffleet, Mr Chris Sole and Ms Carole Tipler

Proprietor's Representatives: Mrs Judy Hau, Bro Steve Hogan, Bro Pat Lynch, Mr Kevin Murphy

Staff Representative: Ms Christine Alexander

The Board also includes:

Student Representative: Shaun Smart

Principal: Brother Peter

Our thanks go to outgoing Board members, Mr Michael Finnigan, Mr Tony McNair and Mrs Gina Russell for their generous service to the College.


The Year 9 camps were held from 3rd – 7th May with all students spending two nights at the Te Wera Camp along the Forgotten World Highway. The weather was somewhat showery but all the planned activities were able to go ahead. The students participated in a number of activities including team building, orienteering and archery. Graeme Phillips from the Regional Council gave of his time to take students through a fresh water stream study. The students enjoyed their time at camp, the highlight of which was for most the mud trail!


Last weekend 15 students competed with 17 other schools in the O'Shea Shield competition at Palmerston North. Although not winning any events this time our students were placed well up in the competition, eventually ending up third equal overall. Best performances over the weekend were in the Junior Prepared Speech where David Hills gained the top grade, distinction, and Chip McCabe in the Impromptu Speech, also achieving distinction. Scripture reader Seamus Doyle and orator Daniel Burkett achieved an excellent standard. The debating team of Ben Jagersma, Chris Wicky and Brock Roberts lost their debate by one point. The Religious Questions team, Zenek Zurakowski and Joe Bradley, gave a very creditable performance. The very high standard of the Religious Drama performed on Saturday night by Jamie Barrett, Jeremy Clark, Shaun Murphy, Finn O'Keefe, Chris Wittle saw us unplaced but able to put across our message clearly and effectively in a five minute drama.


The College would like to congratulate Zach Beardman who is a member of the NZ 16 and under Inline Hockey team that won gold at the Oceania Rollersports Championships against Australia. Zach's team went through the 5 game series unbeaten.


Ten Year 9 and Year 10 students were involved in poetry workshops on Thursday 13 May. Former Poet Laureate, Elizabeth Smithers conducted the workshops. Students left the workshop very enthusiastic about reading and writing their own poems.


On Tuesday 11 May, FDMC students took part in the Law Mooting competition, run by the Law School at the University of Waikato. Chip McCabe was Senior Council, Daniel Burkett was Junior Council and Thomas Walsh assisted. This was a fantastic experience requiring intensive concentration, the ability to think on your feet, stay calm while being asked obscure questions of law by a judge. Our team performed to a high standard. Results are not yet known.


THE Confirmation Formation Programme for the North Taranaki Deanery commences on Sunday 16th May with Mass at 5.30 p.m. followed by Session 1 in the Parish Hall (6.45 p.m. – 8.30 p.m. For further details, please contact Margo LaBerge (751 2681 / 021 131 2642), Kevin & Glenis McDonald (755 0696 / 0274 190 734), Sarah Rice (757 3666 / 021 738 259), Suzanne Duynhoven (756 8352), Claire Whareaitu (Stratford 06 765 5088), Father Simon Story (757 3682).


A large group of FDMC students travelled to Hastings on Tuesday 11 May for the annual sports exchange with St John's College, Hastings. Games were played on Wednesday in Rugby, Soccer and Hockey. Thanks to Mr John George, Sports Co-ordinator, coaches and managers for the organization of the Exchange.


FDMC 1st XV defeated St John's 1st XV 5 – 0

St John's 2nd XV defeated FDMC 2nd XV 22 – 15

FDMC 1st XI Soccer defeated St John's 1st XI Soccer 3 – 1

St John's 1st XI Hockey defeated FDMC 1st XI Hockey 3 - 1


Yr 7 students are being offered Td (tetanus/diphtheria) Polio immunisation at school by Public Health Nurses. Your child has been given a pamphlet and consent form to bring home explaining the programme. Please complete and sign the consent form attached to the pamphlet and return it to the school as soon as possible. It is essential that the form is completed and signed either for consent or non-consent. These immunisations will be given at school in the next few weeks.

For further information contact Chris Nganeko, Public Health Nurse on 06 753 7790 ext. 8774 your own Doctor, or the Immunisation Advisory Centre 0800 466 863.


In the curriculum section of the College web site ( there is a calendar of ‘career' dates re university visits, enrolment dates, etc of particular importance to senior students.


Adventure Courses

  • Youth Adventure Challenge (14-18 years) 5th – 9th July and 12th – 16th July

  • Nine Day Adventure Challenge (14-18 years) 3rd – 11th July

Leadership Programmes

  • Youth Leadership Challenge (16-20 yrs) 12th – 16th July

Phone 0800 OUT THERE (688 843) Web:


‘ Justice' (Tika)


The quality of being just; fairness. The principle of moral rightness; equity. Conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude; righteousness.

The upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honour, standards, or law.

Suffixes: Justify, Justification, Justifying, Justness, Judicial

Thesaurus Words:

Amends, appeal, authority, authorization, charter, code, compensation, consideration, constitutionality, correction, credo, creed, decree, due process, equity, evenness, fair play, fair treatment, fairness, hearing, honesty, impartiality, judicatory, judicature, law, legality, legalization, legitimacy, litigation, penalty, reasonableness, recompense, rectitude, redress, reparation, review, right, rule, sanction, sentence, square deal, truth.

Sentence Construction:

There is no justice in the fact that innocent people are killed by drunk drivers.


Issues associated with mobile phones in schools have been in the news in recent weeks. At FDMC, students are permitted to bring mobile phones to school, as long as they are turned off and not used in class or examinations. Students are responsible for the security of their own mobile phones. The College will take no responsibility for the loss of mobile phones.

If mobile phones are used in classes or examinations or inappropriate use of PXT (the photo-taking feature of some mobile phones), the phone will be confiscated from the student concerned. The phone will be returned to the parent or caregiver after an appropriate interview with the Deputy Principal (Welfare & Management) and a resulting consequence.

Text harassment will be referred to Telecom or Vodafone and the police. The College views text harassment in the same light as bullying.


Has your address changed? Any change of address can be done by phoning the College Office (06-753-6149).


To take on Trainees live-in or live-out positions required. For further information please contact:

Richard Haylock on 06 762 3811"