Term 3 No 2 2005

Dear Parents and families,

I read the other day of the little African boy who brought a special Christmas gift to his teacher. It was a superb seashell. The teacher was absolutely delighted with the beauty of the shell and asked the little boy where he found it. He said such shells could only be found at one particular beach many miles away from the school. When the teacher responded with the words, —Oh, you shouldn't have gone so far for a gift for me—, the little boy said simply, —The long walk was part of the gift.—

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of two benefactors who have gifted substantial amounts of money to the College in recent weeks.Yarrows.JPG Firstly, thanks to the TSB Trust who have given a grant to the College of $100,000.00 for the development of ICT infrastructure within the College, and secondly to the Noel and Melva Yarrow Education Trust who have also gifted a substantial amount of money to the College. In reflecting on both the TSB and Noel and Melva Yarrow, one cannot help be see that —The long walk was part of the gift— and today we are the beneficiaries of the 'gift'. Both the TSB as an institution and Noel and Melva as a family have over many years worked tirelessly to establish themselves as the best in their businesses. But more importantly, in becoming the best in their businesses, both have striven to give back to the community a hundredfold.

Pictured : Rosemary Tennant, Noel Yarrow, Br Peter Ryan, Melva Yarrow

Showcase - Congratulations to staff and students on the diverse and highly entertaining programme at the Cultural Showcase Evening last week — from Year 7 —beginners— through to the polished performances of senior students presenting their NCEA pieces.

Brother Peter Ryan FSC

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!




The following letter has been received, which we would like to share with the College community:

Dear Friends

Thank you so much for your kind gift of $1,800.00 raised in memory of Nathanael Bollen, who passed away on 16 March 2005. Andrew and Xanthia Bollen have been overwhelmed by the incredible warmth and generosity of people, who have sent cards, visited, and given finandi9ally towards a project Nathanael was passionate about.

Your donation, given to support Nathanael's dream, has given six women the chance to train and help them and their families move from the slavery of the sex trade to economic freedom. So far, to date, including your gift, $18,263.65 has been raised — that's freedom for 60 women. WOW!!!

Thank you once again for your awesome gift.

Yours sincerely

Helen Oliver

For Robert Kilpatrick, General Director


P O Box 97543 SAMC Auckland New Zealand



In order to deal with a situation where the school has, or is likely to have, more applicants for enrolment than there are places available at the school, the Board of Francis Douglas Memorial College has adopted an enrolment scheme which has been approved by the Ministry of Education. This scheme becomes effective on 9 November 2005.

Under this scheme, first priority of enrolment for places will be given to preference students. The enrolment of non-preference students is governed by the school's Integration Agreement.

The enrolment scheme, which includes a description of the criteria that will apply to the selection of students in situations where there are more applications than there are places available, may be viewed at the school office, where copies of the scheme are available, and also on the College website ( www.fdmc.school.nz ).



Congratulations to the following boys who have received Deans Awards:

Diligence - Year 7

James Adams, Monty Anderson, Aaron Ang, Nick Arnold, Cameron Betts, Joe Bracegirdle, Hayden ferries, Jamie Hareb x2, David Hobbs, Nicholas Hopkins, Lyle Major, B.J Monk, Kieran O'Donnell, Daniel Phipps, Philip Radford, Casey Reihana, Callum Scott, Victor Shepherd, Raven Manu, Daniel Green, Jade Burkhart, Liam Sole, Mitchell Cocker, Patrick Forsythe, Dylan Solomon, Jacob Kogut, Callum Stachurski, Kent Sutton x2, Kheing Tang, Joshua Walsh, Bradley Townsend, Caleb Ritai

Attainment - Year 7

Aaron Ang, Jonathon Carey, Joe Clarke, William Duynhoven, Jamie Floyd, George Grainger, Jamie Hareb, Jacob Kogut, Kent Sutton, Joshua Walsh, Bradley Townsend, Tyler Fleming, Scott Busing, Patrick Forsythe

Diligence - Year 8

Tim Apps, Thomas Connolly, Joshua Ferries, Shane Garner, Tim Glass, Shaun Gordon, Simon Gray x 2, Sandie Hura, Caleb Knuckey, David Lepper x 3, Hayden Murray, Thomas Nagle x 2, Glen Northcott, Simon Orr, Crighton Rangiwananga x2, Ian Tuala, Kawana Waugh, Thomas Smith, Travis Judd, Sam Wells, Alejandro Barrientos x2, David Bryan x2

Attainment - Year 8

Jason Andrews, Tim Apps, Thornton Davies, Sam Easton, Shane Garner, Travis Judd, David Lepper, Hayden Murray, Thomas Nagle, Christian McSweeney-Novak, Alejandro Barrientos, David Bryan

Diligence — Year 10

Kane Barrett, Jacob Bourke, Jason Burrows, Scott Corboy, Andrew Crowe, Brad Dobson, Jayden Duthie , Eugene Judd, Tyler Maindonald, Tomas Mosquera, Stuart Russell, Royce Toopi, Halen Tui, Shehan Gunatunga, Benjamin Schaare, Thomas Dravitzki, Rory Garner

Attainment — Year 10

Tony Fiddis, Nick Price, Simon Squire, Hamish Till, Thomas Dravitzki, Rory Garner



The following Year 7 and 8 boys have received Deputy Principal's Awards:

  • Jonathon Carey, David Lepper, Hayden Murray, Thornton Davies, Jamie Hareb, Sam Easton, Thomas Nagle, Kent Sutton, Bradley Townsend, Travis Judd x2, Alejandro Barrientos, David Bryan, Jan Coetzee



To the following 2004 students who have been awarded Taranaki Scholarships of $1,000 :

  • Scholarships with full emoluments: Zachary Beardman, Michael Lucas, Grant Maclean, Evan McGarvey, Shaun Murphy, Kurt Sole, Kristofer Whittle, Christopher Wicky
  • Scholarships with no emoluments: Daniel Burkett and Benjamin Jagersma
  • Scholarships deferred until 2006: Cody Fleming and James Putt
  • Qualified for scholarship, but did not apply: Jeremy Adams

The minimum academic qualification for the award of a Taranaki Scholarship this round was 100 NCEA credits.

To Thomas Smith who has been selected as a 12th Grade Taranaki rep. Thomas has also been selected to attend the NZ Soccer Academy in Masterton. Apologies for leaving him off the list last month.

To Ben Schaare in Year 10 who has been selected as a Taranaki hockey umpire for the Under 15 boys development team at the national tournament in Ngatea. Ben was given his Junior Umpiring badge with distinction. Well done Ben.



Ball_3.JPG30 July was the date, Yarrows Stadium was the venue. Competitors entered the 2005 College Olympic Ball at 7:30pm. This was said to be "the best ball ever" and it was a night that most participants will never forget. This supposedly formal occasion was made informal by dancing, singing and the unforgettable Muscle Man competition which was won by power-house Chris Gawler. The band was great, the food was delicious and the night was even better. Thanks to all the parents and others who helped out. and a special thanks to Mrs Simpson and Brother Peter for all their support and for giving the committee time to set up. Thanks to the Ball Committee; Zenek Zurakowski, Thomas Fastier, Griffin Hunt, Matthew Walsh, Andrew Vernon, Andrew Tonks, Campbell Fleming and Andrew Coulton for all their hard work. (See more pictures - click on Photo Gallery)

Ball_1.JPG Ball_4.JPG


TSS TEN PIN BOWLS - FDMC entered nine teams into the Taranaki Secondary Schools tournament on Sunday 14 August. FDMC once again entered the most teams and received top placings for our efforts. The Francis Douglas No.1 Team of Caleb Mawson, Joshua Hickford, Scott Murphy and Thomas Landrigan came first overall. Second placing went to Greg Taylor, Jamie Barrett, Joe Dravitzki and Stefan Webling.

FDMC also gained 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 24th placings. Congratulations also to Caleb Mawson who won the trophy for Boys Top Single Score of 205 pins, and also for Boys Top Three Series of 503 pins. A great achievement!

Well done to all participants not already mentioned: Zach Fearn, Kale Joines, Ben Allen, Jaden Hareb, Peter McDavitt, Scott Clark, Wyatt Hutchinson, Paul Barnes, Marc Baylis, Chris Lord, Logan Rowlands, Max Williams, Andrew Crowe, Andrew Kelly, Sean Markham, William Rowland, Tom Gray, David Joines, Ben Siffleet, Zenek Zurakowski, Joe Bradley, Tony Radich, Kevin Sy, Daniel Parker, Kieran O'Neill, Sunil Rhodes, Josh Southee and Matthew Carey.

Thank you to all students who entered this tournament. Your enthusiasm was infectious, your behaviour and sportsmanship a credit to you all. Sjaane Simpson




Congratulations to the following students for being seleSoccer___1st_11.jpgcted as the FDMC 2005 First 11 players, to attend Tournament Week in Levin, August 29-September 2:

Campbell Waugh (Captain), Ryan Hall (Vice Captain), Ashley Reader-Nokes, Morgan Hall, Seamus Doyle, Tomas Mosquera, Lachlan Mclean, Thomas Dravitzki, Matthew Phipps, Conrad Poi, Gareth Sheehan, Ronshi Perera, Liam Tanner, Stephen Kibby, Tim Lloyd, Edward Rawles and Rory Garner (assistant manager). (Absent - Edward Rawles)

The team has been coached by Glenn Hooper and after some impressive wins recently against NPBHS Second 11, and Taranaki Under 16, the team has become a well-drilled and skilled team. Thank you Glenn. Parents attending the tournament are Mr Hall, Mr Rawles, Mr Garner, myself and the coach. A special thank you to Garner Holdings Radiant Heating Systems for their generous sponsorship of team jackets.

St Peters Inter-school exchange - Recently FDMC participated in the inter school Soccer.jpgcompetition against St Peters in Palmerston North. The players were Morgan Hall (Captain), Rory Garner, Tomas Mosquera, Lachlan Mclean, Thomas Dravitzki, Conrad Poi, Stephen Kibby, Edward Rawles, Jaden Hareb, Danny Hall, Tim Lloyd, Mark Jennings, Andrew Crowe and Stuart Richdale. St Peters didn't have a 1st 11 and the above selected students from years 9 & 10 performed extremely well to end with a draw 1-1. The First 11 players combined well but we were unlucky not to win in a more convincing matter, such is the game of soccer. With such excellent young players available we should see soccer grow and succeed in the future.



FDMC competed in the TBSSC at NPGH recently. Senior players were Larz Corey, Joshua Southee, Junior players; Ben Sullivan-Brown, Jason Florence and Adrian Mansell. The seniors had a tough draw and didn't get beyond the first two rounds. However Ben reached the semi finals in the singles and doubles with Adrian. Players are developing the skills and with more practice at school on Monday lunch times I hope to see players improve their skills and achieve at a greater level.

Jnr_Badminton.jpgThe junior members (left to right), Adrian Mansell, Jason Florence and Ben Sullivan-Brown Ben_Sullivan_Brown.jpg





Here, Ben is about to make a winning smash during his march to the semi-final.



The Linkhorn Cup rugby team recently travelled to Okato to play Coastal Taranaki College. Both teams were very competitive during the first half and our front row of Kieran O'Donnell, Anthony Morgan and Kane Anderson had a tough competition. We were fortunate to get some great breaks during the second half and won by 60-12, after leading 14-12 at half time. Tries were awarded to David Bryan (4), Crighton Rangiwananga, Tom Siffleet (who also kicked 5 conversions), Sam Thomson, Dylan Walsh, Ben England and Rory Fearn. Our next game is at FDMC against Stratford Primary.

The 1st XV have had a tough finish to the season, playing Wellington College away in the top sixteen round of the National Knockout competition on Saturday 13 August, losing this game 0 — 23. The team fought hard but just couldn't finish off the opportunities they created and had some tough calls go against them, particularly Alekana's try not given in the corner. The loss of Kevin Curtis with an ankle injury the week before and Shane Cleaver receiving a bad knock to the head early in the game compounded to make this a difficult game.

This game was followed by the local derby game against NPBHS on Wednesday 24 August, played at the Gully ground. The game went much as expected with the FDMC forwards gaining the ascendancy and dominating with their driving play, and the NPBHS backs attacking wide at every opportunity they had. David Hughes put the first points on the board with a penalty after the Boys High forwards infringed at a ruck. Then the Boys High backs cut through and created a good try out wide which was converted, followed quickly by another try by one of their forwards, to put them ahead 14 —3. After concerted pressure the forwards finally got over from an excellent lineout drive, with Joe Bradley the one to score, this was converted by Hughes, making the half time score 10 — 14. (Click to see photos in Photo Gallery)

The team talk was to score first in the second half, which we did. After some fine forward play the ball went to Andrew Tonks in the midfield and he ran strongly and managed to squeeze over in the tackle, also converted by Hughes. Unfortunately NPBHS hit straight back; after a strong run by their fullback they crossed in the left hand corner to take the lead. The 1st XV created a number of scoring opportunities in the remaining twenty minutes but just couldn't finish off. The final score was 19 —17 to NPBHS.

Even though the season finished with two losses the team has always played with pride and passion and given their all in some very tough encounters. It has been a very good season with wins over De La Salle, Feilding and the Under 20 Championship. Many of the team finish this year and I wish them well in their future rugby. It has been a pleasure to coach them in this years 1st XV. A big thank you to my assistant coach Chris Moller and to both managers Tony Gray and Pete Siffleet. Another big thank you to all the parents for their tremendous support, all the sponsors, staff and the many students who have followed the team throughout the season.



The NZSS Squash Nationals were held in and around Tauranga Squash_team.JPGover 12 to 14 August. After some months of practice and tournament play the team of (pictured) Nathan Zieltjes, Daniel Charteris, Zac Wills and Richard Squire (in the back row) Kyle Crowley and Chris Charteris (in the front row) were selected to attend this year's tournament.

The boys' competition was keenly contested between 32 teams and it was great to witness the spectacle of some outstanding squash being played. We finished as we were seeded, 19th out of the 32 teams, winning three of our five games.

It was somewhat ironic that we travelled all the way to Tauranga to play our first round match against our good neighbours at NP Boys' High — having played a practice match against them earlier in the week. As with most sporting ties against Boys' High to say that both sides were rather keen to win would be an understatement! As such, it was a pity to have to leave our top player, Chris Charteris, out of the team as he was suffering from the flu. Fortunately, things looked up after that and we were pleased to witness some of Chris' sublime skills later in the tournament. He was ably supported by his team-mates, who have all improved their games dramatically over the last few months.

The results for FDMC were:

Round 1


lost 5-0

Round 2

vs Katikati College

won 4-1

Round 3

vs Rathkeale College

won 4-1

Round 4

vs Te Puke HS

lost 3-2

Round 5

vs Christ's College

won 3-2

Team spirit and conduct, both on and off the court, were a highlight of the trip and it was a real pleasure to accompany the boys. It was also tremendous to once again shared our motel complex with the other Taranaki teams of NPBHS and NPGHS. There was plenty of camaraderie between these teams and we enjoyed the acquaintance with students, staff and parents alike. We look forward to next year's tournament which is proposed to be held in Wellington. So to those interested in attending, keep practicing over the summer break (which still seems a long way away), and see me if you want any further information. Russell Cleaver

TSS Mountain Biking

Congratulations to those boys who entered in theCody_Ricketts.jpg TSS Mountain Biking on Sunday. The conditions were a lot better than the previous years. The day consisted of two events; Cross Country and Down Hill Sprint. FDMC participated well in both events at Senior and Junior level. Results to be confirmed by Taranaki Sports later this term.


Cody Ricketts - still smiling after his chain came off in the Cross Country












Scholarships for 2006

Agriculture/Vet — John T Gibson Trust for students commencing either a University Agricultural or Veterinarian Science course — essay of up to 600 words on specified topic due 28 October. See Mrs Simpson or Ms Land.

University of Auckland — a range of generous scholarships is available through the Scholarships & Financial Support office — applications close on 10 September. Phone (09) 373 7599 extn 87494 or email scholarships@auckland.ac.nz

Property Industry Training - $5,000 — e.g. architecture, civil engineering, valuation, quantity surveying, property management, construction. This is for students who, without some financial assistance, may be unable to go to university. Further information is available from www.keystonetrust.org.nz.

Faculty of Engineering — University of Auckland — are now offering "Kick Start Scholarships" to First Year students. A one-year award of $2,000 to assist first year engineering students with initial set-up costs such as textbooks, fees and accommodation for their first year at the University of Auckland. The closing date for applications is Friday 6 January 2006. See the website for further details — www.engineering.auckland.ac.nz . Specific enquiries should be directed to Engineering Enquiries on 09 373 7599 extn 88120 or email engineering-enquiries@auckland.ac.nz.

Other "Kick Start Scholarships" are available — check the above websites for details on:

  • Merit — awarded to the top scholarship applicants
  • City of Sails scholarships — available to students who live beyond the Auckland metropolitan area
  • Affirmative Action Scholarships — available to students of M?ѬÅori or Pacific Island background

Diploma in Rural Business — Level 5 — Telford Rural Polytechnic - This course provides you with a higher level of learning, enabling you to enter management roles. Telford is 6km from Balclutha and 75km south of Dunedin - Phone 64 3 41 81550 - Fax 64 3 4183584 - http://www.telford.ac.nz/

Wellington Performing Arts Centre — Open Day - Acting, commercial dance, musical theatre, Certificate in Creative Arts & Therapies. Open day on Friday 26 August. To register phone 04 385 8033 or www.wpac.org.nz.


Resources - Check out the following websites:

edcentre www.tki.org.nz/r/assessment/parents - assessment centre for parents and Whanau that has various visual presentations and interviews on how to help students learn and understanding assessment in schools.

Te Mana & Taiohi resources www.temana.nzoom.com — lots of information on careers, career planning packages for students and parents

Pathfinder — career exploration for individuals on line — all students are encouraged to do this, particularly before subject selection. Kiwicareers Pathfinder is proving very popular with students and parents — "It helped me to focus on what I want to do, then plot everything over the next few years. I like the fact that it's on the web and you can go onto it any time and then save it and come back to it later". www.kiwicareers.govt.nz/pathfinder

Careerpoint - it you are looking for info on courses or advice, call Careerpoint on 0800 222 733 — free service, even from mobile phones, or on-line chat is now possible from the Kiwicareers website.

Nelson School of Music — Contemporary music course http://www.nsom.ac.nz/school/course.html or phone 03 548 9477 for more information. This is a practical hands-on tertiary level programme of one year's full-time study, mainly focused on rock, pop and related music styles.

Taranaki Scholarships Trust - These scholarships are available to students who have attended a secondary school in Taranaki for the two years immediately preceding the achievement of the credits, and who are enrolled to study a full-time university course. Consideration will also be given to students who have been on an exchange year within that time-frame. The minimum academic qualification is the gaining of at least 90 credits in five approved subjects at Level 3. The number of credits may vary from year to year, depending on available funding. The scholarship is a one-off award which in 2005 was $1,000.00; however where a student receives another award in excess of $1,000 there is no monetary payment. When results are available to the Trust from NZQA, they then contact the successful candidates, asking them to return an application form. Students do not need to contact the Trust. Payment is made by direct credit to bank accounts around mid-year.

A Career in the NZ Police - The Police are interested in receiving applications from young people aged 18-20 years. Their requirements are; very good written and verbal communication skills, fitness, good health and an energetic outlook, have demonstrated motivation and determination in your school or work history, believe in fairness, integrity, commitment and loyalty.

Trainees can complete six university papers at the Police expense, and can attain a Certificate in Contemporary Policing. For more information call 0800 NEW COPS (0800 639 2677) or call Lynne Turner on (06) 759 8855 or (06) 278 0260 extn 62555.

University of Auckland







Monkey tricks in the Biology class! The Yr13 Biology class studied the evolution of the human skull last week and wondered how the chimpanzee skull would fit the human skeleton. The question is - at what stage of evolution are their skulls? Homo sapiens (wise man)? They will need a large brain capacity to study for their upcoming exam and finals!






LEARNING TO DRIVE - got your learner's licence? Get the free plan that will get you on the road to freedom safely. Practice steps you through the skills you need. After you have been practicing a few months you will receive an interactive CD Rom so you can practice spotting hazards and managing risks on your computer — see www.practice.co.nz or call 0800practice.






Geography Field Trip to Auckland - As part of the course work for the Year 12 Geography topic Urban Studies, the Geography Department made an expedition to Auckland on 8 - 10th of August. Auckland is our New Zealand case study for the end of year NCEA exams and students took the opportunity to become more familiar with the layout and functions of our largest city. They learned about different land use zones such as the Central Business District, residential suburbs and transport patterns. They also visited Manukau City, Devonport by ferry and experienced Auckland's traffic jams. Students gained experience with mapping the city with visits to some of the key attractions such as Skytower, Kelly Tarlton's and Rainbows End. For several of our students this was their first trip to Auckland. As an alternative to class room activities the field trip is always a popular part of the Geography course.

BP Technology Challenge 2005 - This year we entered three teams who really took up the spirit of the challenge. We had two (in house) tasks; the first one to produce and markets ginger beer and the second to construct a CO2 powered dragster. Andrew Hindle and Ethan Mills got third in the drag races. Scott Busing and team won the egg drop challenge and two of our teams were winners in the "tall Poppy" challenge. Overall we did very well indeed. (More pictures are available - click on Photo Gallery) BP_Tech_1.JPG BP_Tech_2.JPG

The FDMC Teams were:




Brynn Chadwick

Ethan Mills

Travis Mischewski

Jonathan Carey

David Lepper

Jason French

Andrew Macdonald

Tom Siffleet

Shane Garner

Scott Busing

Jamie Hareb

Jacob Kogut

Joseph Clarke

Patrick Forsythe

Callum Scott


Andrew Hindle

Monty Anderson


Taranaki Secondary Schools Motocross was held at Barrett Park on 7 August 2005. Ten riders from Francis Douglas Memorial College competed and achieved some excellent results. Leighton Gopperth and Nicolas Joyce were unfortunate enough to have mechanical problems and be unable to finish the competition.

Year 9 - Callum Neeson/1st, Jason Rickit/4th, Scott Crocker/10th

Year 10 - Daniel MacDonald/7th, Jack Hopkirk/8th, Adam Bridgeman/10th

Years 12 & 13 - thomas Bridgeman/3rd, Michael Julian/6th

Callum also won the Champion of Champions race and Francis Douglas came 2nd in overall points.

Australasian Schools Science Competition - Students from FrancisCallum_Tanner.JPG Douglas Memorial College recently participated in the Australasian Schools Science Competition and demonstrated high level skills. Participation in the event was high with 90 students entering. Twenty seven students achieved a Credit pass, seven achieved a Distinction and one student, Callum Tanner (pictured) achieved a High Distinction. All participants have received their certificates at a school assembly together with detailed diagnostic information about their overall performance.

More than 402 000 students from around Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region took part and our students can be justifiably proud of their achievements. We look forward to entering this prestigious competition again in 2006.

Credit Certificates

Year 7

Scott Busing, George Grainger , Lyle Major, Te Riu Adams Smith Warren

Year 8

Andrew MacDonald

Year 9

Josef Butler, Isaak Mischefski, Matthew O'Neill, Shane Rooyakkers, Matthew Westbury

Year 10

Andrew Barczak, James Fastier , Tony Fiddis, Reece Furness, David Hills, Henry Kyle, Ben Schaare

Year 11

Alex Crossan, Matthew Easton, James Selby

Year 12

Ross Galbreath, Michael Hobbs, Josh Naus, Isaac Trevis

Year 13

Reuben Costello, Nick Sidler

Distinction Certificates

Year 7

Christopher Pearce

Year 9

Zachary Milner. Matthew Munro

Year 11

Kishan Gunatunga, Jason Senior, Simon Velvin

Year 13

Matthew Bloomfield

High Distinction

Year 9

Callum Tanner


Year 10 Science Quiz - The year 10 Science Quiz held at Pukekura Raceway was attended by all the Taranaki secondary schools, including FDMC. Our team, comprised of Tony Fiddis (Team Leader), Andrew Barczak, Cairan Finnerty, Nick Price and Andrew Crowe, did very well, coming 5th overall. William_Duynhoven.JPG

Fonterra Taranaki Science & Technology Fair - A large number of students entered the Fonterra Science & Technology Fair held on the 9th and 10th of August 2005. The entries in the various categories were of a high standard and the FDMC acquitted themselves very well. The Fonterra Trophy for the Best Exhibit in Yrs 7 & 8 was won by William Duynhoven (pictured).


The following students received awards:

The Fonterra Trophy for the Best Exhibit in Yrs 7 & 8

William Duynhoven

Runner up in Fair and Dow AgroSciences Trophy

William Duynhoven

Geological Society of NZ first prize for best entry in the Earth Sciences

Thomas Nagel

The Taranaki MedLab first prize for the best project in human biology/health

Shehan Gunatunga

The Taranaki Regional Council second prize for the best project demonstrating some aspect of environmental science

Hamish McMullen

The WITT (Trades and Industry) first prize for the best exhibit showing the application of science and/or engineering

Logan Rowlands

Journalism Yr 7& 8 - Second prize

Aniket Mehedale

Journalism Yr 7& 8 - Merit

Christian McSweeney-Novak

Photography Yr 7 & 8 - Merit

Jack DeLuca, Mitchell Cocker

Technological Development Yr 9 & 10 - Second

Logan Rowlands

Technological Development Yr 7 & 8 — First

William Duynhoven

Scientific Investigation Yr 11 - 13 - Second prize

Kishan Gunatunga

Scientific Investigation Yr 10 - Second prize

Shehan Gunatunga

Scientific Investigation Yr 7 & 8 — Merit

Liam Sole, Jan Coetzee, Findlay Neeson

Observational Drawing Yr 7 & 8 — First prize (equal)

B.J. Monk

Observational Drawing Yr 7 & 8 - Merit

Caleb Ritai, Hadley Northcott


Blood Giving - The New Zealand Blood Service came to the College on Wednesday 17 August. In the traditional Lasallian spirit of service 80 students volunteered to give blood. Some were still suffering from the after effects of flu, colds, etc, so were not allowed to give blood, but overall there were 69 units of blood collected. This was a wonderful response from the students and staff, reflecting the generous attitude towards serving the community that is instilled at FDMC. Those who gave blood for the first time will soon receive a certificate that they can add to their C.V. Thank you to all those who gave so generously. The NZBS staff were very impressed with the attitude and behaviour of the students and commended them for the great example they gave.


Wanted to buy - The College needs a light trailer for use on our grounds for the distribution of rugby pads and flags. If you have one for sale, please contact Dan Keegan on 027 223 6124.



NZQA Financial Assistance and Exam Fees - A reminder that exam fees must be paid by 31 August. For further information check http://www.nzqa.org.nz/qualifications/ssq/financialassistance.html. If you need any further information on NZQA fees, please call Maree Fleming at the College office, or Graham Blanks, Teacher in charge of NZQA.


Do you know someone special with asthma, COPD or another respiratory condition?  Nominate them for an Asthma and Respiratory Achievers' Award. Every nominee receives a certificate! For more information contact Debi Johnston, Communications Manager, The Asthma And Respiratory Foundation Of New Zealand (Inc.) Phone 04-499-4592 email debi@asthmanz.co.nz or check out the website www.asthmanz.co.nz


Fundraising - Francis Douglas Memorial College Joins Community Rewards

FDMC has joined the Community Rewards fundraising programme. Community_Rewards_logo.jpg

Community Rewards works like a loyalty programme but has been designed to provide support to community organisations. This means that every time a member of our community uses any of the services provided by the Community Rewards Business Partners we receive a cash contribution. Currently, their Partners are mainly associated with the Real Estate industry which means the amount we can receive from just one transaction, can be substantial! (often, several hundred dollars). Current business partners are :

  • Mortgage Central - a New Zealand owned Mortgage Broking business
  • Real Choice - a Real Estate Agency Selection Service

However, in order for the programme to work for us we need your support. So the next time you're thinking of selling your home or refinancing your mortgage — please consider using the services provided by Community Rewards. It won't cost you a cent extra — and it could provide a huge boost to us!

Meantime, we would encourage you to visit www.communityrewards.co.nz and register with the programme. Registration only requires an email address and you don't need to be in the market for their services right now to be registered. There's no cost to register and we have been advised that your email address will not be released to their partners for promotional purposes.


NZ/German Student Exchange - This group are looking for host families for German students over December/January. They are looking for families with teenage children — knowledge of the German language is not a requirement. The German students want to come to NZ to experience our way of life here and to improve their English. Host families should be willing to involve their guests in a variety of activities and will receive payment of $850.00 to help offset expenses incurred. Further information can be obtained from Dr Kristina McGuiness-King on phone (04) 976 2131 or email kkmcguiness@clear.net.nz or from Dr Volker N—fermann phone (07) 856 2144 or email vkkn@ihug.co.nz. The closing date for applications is 31 August 2005.


Term Dates for 2005

Term 3

Monday 25 July — Friday 23 Sept.

NCEA Trial Examinations — Monday 19 Sept. — Friday 23 Sept.


Term 4

Monday 10 October 2005 — Friday 9 December 2005

NCEA examinations commence Tuesday 15 November 2005