Term 1 No.1 2006

Dear Parents & Families,

Welcome to 2006!

The College would like to offer a warm welcome to all members of the Francis Douglas community as we commence our 2006 school year.

We would especially like to welcome those students enrolling at FDMC for the first time:

  • 104 students enrolling in Year 7
  • 60 students enrolling in Year 9
  • The small number of students enrolling at other year levels.

We will do our best to ensure that all our students, and especially our new boys, settle quickly into College life at what we hope will be the beginning of an exciting and rewarding year.


STAFF 2006

I would like to extend a warm welcome to new staff members who have joined the College this year. I am confident that each will make a valuable contribution to the life of the College and the education of the boys entrusted to their care.

  • Ms Joanna Suren ‚Äì Teacher-in-Charge of Music
  • Ms Veronica Fouhy ‚Äì Youth Ministry

I am also pleased to welcome back Mr John Neeson who was on leave during 2005.



On Wednesday 22nd February, the College community gathered for the Commencement Mass and Investiture of the 2006 College Leadership team.

The principal celebrant for the Eucharist was Father Tom Lawn, Parish Priest of St. Joseph's, New Plymouth.   We were also pleased to welcome to our celebration the parents and families of our Leaders.


Back row :   Isaac Trevis, Brendon Walsh, Matthew Hawkes, Alexander Nicholas, Br Peter, Jamie Barrett, Shaun Butler, David Freeman, Travis Graham

Front row :   Seamus Doyle, Martin Barrientos, Greg Taylor, Brent Stevenson




The men whom you will send…will be the founders of what will, I hope, be one of the leading educational establishments in Australia. So wrote Bishop Patrick Joseph O'Connor, of Armidale New South Wales, on learning of plans to appoint the first permanent group of De La Salle Brothers to Australia. In spite of many difficulties, the foundation was established in 1906 and so began a century of commitment to quality education in the region. From its humble foundation, the De La Salle Brothers have ranged across not only Australia, but also Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and parts of Asia.

This year, the De La Salle Brothers celebrate the centenary of their arrival in Australia. From Australia in 1953, the first community of Brothers was established in Blenheim in 19953. As a community we join with Lasallians throughout Australia as they celebrate this momentous occasion in their history.



The College takes particular pride in recording the results of our 2003 NCEA students The following statistics are some of the indicators of their achievements as a group.

Percentage of students in each year level who have achieved NCEA at that level

Percentage of students in year 11 who have met literacy and numeracy requirements

Percentage of students who have gained University Entrance in Year 13

Level One


Level 1 Literacy


University Entrance


Level Two


Level 1 Numeracy



Level Three







This week, the Church marks the beginning of Lent and our preparation for the great feast of Easter. Lent is a time for sorting out our priorities. Lent offers the opportunity to make a new start and believe in God's love for us. When ashes are given, we sometimes hear these words, Turn away from sin, and believe in the Gospel. And so as Lent begins, let us pray:


Lord Jesus,

as Lent begins

we ask for the power of your Spirit

that we may become

more thoughtful towards others,

more honest with ourselves,

and more faithful to you.

Help us to walk in your presence

and grow as the people

you want us to be. Amen.


Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!


Brother Peter, FSC






1.  Basic rules and regulations

It is timely to remind all of us in the College community of the basic rules and regulations needed for a well run school.   As you have probably experienced at home young men like and need to test the boundaries.   It is our aim to make the boundaries very clear and firm so that the “game” of testing the limits becomes a little boring and the boys move onto other pursuits, such as schoolwork.

The most effective way of communicating this to the boys is when the school and home work in tandem and give consistent messages.   The support of parents is a key factor in behaviour change in young men.   It is important as a parent that you are an advocate for you son, however be aware that boys tend to minimise events and look to lay blame else-where to take the pressure off themselves.   This is a common occurrence and the school has thorough systems to cope when things go wrong for your son.   The main focus we have at school is that everybody makes mistakes.   It is the way the boys handle themselves after the event and whether they are honest when dealing with staff that is important.   The behaviour of your son is judged, not your son as an individual, and once an imposition is served that is the end of the matter.

To assist the school with getting on top of the small issues could you please read the sections in the student diary on page 7 “Section 5 – General Information”    All students have been issued with a copy of this diary.

Please take note of the policy on Personal Appearance.   There have been some issues over dyed hair recently.   It is stated very clearly that dyed hair is not permitted.   Action that will be requested to remedy died hair will be that hair should be either dyed back to the original colour or cut out to a number two cut.   There is also an issue with “skate board” type shoes being worn by some boys.   Whilst the college accepts that these are black shoes with laces they do not fit with the image the school wishes to portray.   They are worn with laces undone and look sloppy.   Regulation type shoes should be worn at all times during school hours.


2.  Vehicle Permits

Thank you to the pupils and families who have completed vehicle registration forms for 2006.   The school has had some enquiries as to why these forms are necessary, so I thought it timely to explain the rationale.

The issue of teenagers driving safely and within the law is one which intersects the home and school.   The main aim of the college is to have the boys driving safely and not carrying passengers unlawfully.   It is also important to ensure that they are not using cars during school time when they should be in class.  

The college has devised a simple and enforceable system which requires the boys to register their car with the Deputy Principal (Welfare & Management).   In order to be included on the register, the boys must present their licenses to the Deputy Principal who will also ensure that the car is registered and warranted.   Once these criteria are satisfied, a sticker is issued which is to be displayed in the vehicle window; red for restricted or green for full licence.   This system enables staff to determine at a glance whether the driver of the car has a restricted or full license.   The car will be stopped and boys asked to get out of the car if the driver is on a restricted license and is carrying passengers.   This support enables young drivers to avoid the peer pressure that can be placed upon them to give others a lift.  

If boys have their parents'/caregivers' permission to travel in a vehicle with another fully licensed student, it would be appreciated if the College could be advised of this situation in writing.

For these systems to work the vehicles need to be parked on the school grounds.   It is then much easier to control the movement of vehicles and to monitor passenger transport.   The guidelines for vehicle usage are clearly outlined in the student handbook section of the diary.   Schools do have the right to put conditions on vehicle usage and when signing the enrolment forms parents/caregivers are consenting to these regulations, as well as many others that the school has in place.

If your son is bringing a vehicle to school could you please support us by ensuring he has a permit (sticker) for that vehicle and we will support your son by reinforcing safe and legal driving habits.




Andrew Barczak has been selected for the New Zealand Junior Archery Team to compete in the Trans Tasman Challenge against Australia in Melbourne at Easter time.





TSB Funding - TSB has awarded the Intermediate Department over $6,000 for Literacy development. ¬† The funds will be spent on literacy resources and professional development with an advisor from Tihi Ltd, who provide quality support and professional development in education and the Arts and literacy resources. ¬† Areas of development will include the Arts, M?ѬÅori and Bloom's Taxonomy, all of which will encompass literacy in oral, written and visual language.


Sexuality Education - Sexuality Education is formally included in units of work at Francis Douglas in Years 8, 9 and 11, although components of sexuality education occur within Health units at all levels from time to time.

Year 8 students will undertake sexuality education in Term 4 within their Homerooms.

Year 9 students will receive four lessons with the Family Education Network group undertaking the "Postponing Sexual Involvement Programme".    This programme has four sessions:

  • Session 1 ‚Äì The Risks of Early Sexual Involvement
  • Sessions 2 & 3 ‚Äì Peer Pressures
  • Session 4 - Learning Assertiveness Techniques

The PSI programme has a fee, which has been charged to the accounts of all Year 9 students.

Year 11 students undertake Sexuality Education in the RE/Health module.   This module will look at development, conception, birth, birth control, values and attitudes, personal safety, enhancing relationships and outside influences.   This unit has been approved by the College Board of Trustees.   Students will be able to achieve unit standard credits in this module.

Mrs Simpson, the Health Co-ordinator and teacher of the Year 9 and 11 units, is more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these programmes or any other aspect of Health education here at FDMC.  

Parents or caregivers who do not wish their sons to be involved in the above Sexuality Education programmes must make this known to the College Principal, in writing, before commencement of the units.





Science Competition - This is a preliminary notification about an upcoming event.   Our students are again invited to enter the Australasian Schools Science Competition.   This competition has been re-named and will now be known as the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools – Science.   Along with the new name there are some improvements, for example a new reporting format that provides enhanced diagnostic information about individual participants and their strengths and weaknesses.

The entry fee has not changed and remains at NZ$6.50 per entry.

Later in the term your son will bring home an information sheet with a tear off entry form which will need to be returned promptly with payment.   The closing date for entries will be Wednesday 29 March.  

This is a prestigious competition and I strongly advise pupils from all year groups to participate, particularly those students with an interest in the Sciences.

Brian Coulthard, Competition Organiser


National Bank Junior Maths Competition - The college is taking entries from students in years 9, 10 and 11 up until Monday 13 March.   The cost is $4.00.   Names and money must be given to Mr Mustchin ASAP.





CRICKET - Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected to play for the North Taranaki Under 14 Development Team; Bryce Hannan, William Johnston, Adam Murphy, Tom Siffleet.




  • 1st in the Junior Pairs ‚Äì Kale Joines and Jaden Hareb.
  • 1st in Senior Fours - ¬† Liam Richardson, Rick McKenna, Matthew Eagar and Hugh Peterson.

Shaun Butler, Darryl McDavitt, Jack Burr, Andrea Perl, Kenny Hau and David Freeman competed very well against strong Spotswood teams in the senior pairs competitions.



TENNIS - FDMC Senior Tennis Team - Playing in the National Knockout Tournament the FDMC Team of Zach Wills, Blair Crowley, Josh Walden and Jacob Gopperth defeated Stratford High School 6-0 and then lost to NPBHS 4-2 in a very close encounter.   Zach Wills won all his matches.




Nicholas Coulton

1st Junior Boys Hammer throw (he was the youngest in the competition) Won by more than a metre.   This may be our first gold medal for a very long time (maybe 20 years).

Daniel Parker

2nd Senior Boys Hammer and 4th Senior Discus

Nathan Coombes

2nd Junior Boys 3000m

Tom Ingram

7th Javelin

Kale Joines

no placing but made personal bests in Javelin and Shot

Max Williams

no placing but now knows what is required at this level

Callum Tanner

made quarter finals of both the Junior Boys 100m and 200m.


Athletics Update:  At the NZ junior athletics champs over the weekend of 25/26 February, Tom Ingram won the under 16 years hammer and came 3rd in the javelin.   Nick Coulton came 2nd in the under 16 years hammer.



The first games of the soccer season are on Saturday 6 May (this date is amended from the registration form) - Week 2 of the Term 1 school holidays.  

The College will be fielding teams in the following competitions:

  • 13th Grade (Yr 7/8) ¬† - born on or after 01/01/93
  • 15th Grade (Yr 9-11) - born on or after 01/01/91
  • Youth Grade (Seniors) - born on or after 01/01/89/90

Practice times will be determined by the coaches.   Any students interested in playing in a school team should collect a registration form as soon as possible. They are available from Mr Crow during Vertical Form time in Room 2.   Soccer socks are available from Mr Crow at school for $4.00 a pair.


FDMC 1st XI Soccer team - All students who would like to trial for the 1st XI should already give their names to Mr Crow.


Parent Help - We are always looking for parents to help as coaches and/or managers in all Grades. If you are interested, or know of any one who might like to help please contact Mr Crow at the College

Thank you for your support.

Mike Crow (TIC Soccer)



The Taranaki Secondary Schools Sailing Competition 2006 was sailed in challenging conditions on Wednesday 22 February.

Congratulations to Jordan McCormack who came home with the silverware for the Intermediate Optimist fleet, and Oliver Klups who came second.   Congratulations also to Brad McCormack who came first in the Secondary Schools Optimist sailing class in very tough conditions.  


BADMINTON - FDMC will again offer coaching in Badminton for all ages.   This will take place every Tuesday at lunchtimes, 12.45 – 1.30 pm, in the gym commencing on Tuesday 28 March.  Players need to be registered.   The school has some rackets, but students should bring their own.   Players need to have PE gear and/or court shoes.   For all queries please contact Mr Crow at school.


TURF HOCKEY  - Students are welcome to sign up for the upcoming hockey season.   We have need more coaches so if anyone has a parent or relative or friend who can help please let me know.

Graham Blanks, (TIC Hockey)





Open Day @ Pacific International Hotel Management School – 7 April - Year 12 and 13 students who are interested in studying Hotel Management at the Pacific International Hotel Management School and who wish to attend the Open Day on 7 April must see Ms Land at the College Careers Office.


Massey University Open Days - 2006

Palmerston North Campus – Wednesday 2 and Saturday 5 August (Contact: Nicola Martin (06) 350 5866 or n.f.martin@massey.ac.nz )

Wellington Campus – Friday 25 August (Contact: Drew Naika (04) 801 5799 extn 6386 or d.naika@massey.ac.nz )

Albany Campus (Auckland) – Saturday 16 September (Contact: Grant Dixon (09) 414 0810 extn 9555 or g.dixon@massey.ac.nz )


Waikato University Open Day – Friday 5 May


Career information service - have advised us of a very useful website for parents - www.teamup.co.nz .    This website is part of the decentre resource.   It assists parents in understanding the qualifications their students are studying towards, as well as giving practical information on a range of topics including careers, the various post-school pathways, job search, financial support options, special sections for special needs and migrant populations, NCEA and supporting students in their studies.   The website also covers the early years, primary and intermediate.




Parent to Parent – Family/Whanau Carers Support Programme - Will be held from 7pm on Friday 3 March until 3pm on Sunday 5 March at Patuha Farm Lodge, 575 Upper Pitone Road, Okato.   This programme is facilitated by Kereti Maniapoto and Chris Cashell-Maniapoto, and is free of charge.   It covers Grief and Support, relationships with professionals, managing stress, services available and how to access them, and specialist workshops.   For further information call 0508 236 236 or email familywhanau@parent2parent.org.nz.





Make a difference for a disadvantaged Lasallian Student LaSallian.jpg

Francis Douglas Memorial College is just one of a global network of schools around the world dedicated to nurturing and educating their students in the Lasallian tradition.  

Some of our Lasallian students in the Asia Pacific region come from backgrounds and circumstances far more difficult than our own.   In India, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea, Lasallian schools and students struggle for basic school supplies such as paper and pencils.

This year the Lasallian Foundation has launched a major Child Sponsorship scheme where you can support the education of a poor Lasallian student in India, Sri Lanka or Papua New Guinea.   Your fully tax-deductible sponsorship of $300 per year will make a huge difference to the life of a child living in poverty, and can be paid annually or charged as just $25 per month to your credit card.   You will receive a profile of your sponsored child, and regular letters and updates on their progress.  

To sign up, just send an email to office@fdmc.school.nz and ask for a brochure. 



Health Nurses - The new Public Health Nurses for FDMC are Jill Jones and Chris Nganeko.   This year the clinics will be held on Wednesdays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm at Oliver Lodge (more commonly known to the students as "Matron's Office").   Jill and Chris look forward to working at our school.   Please feel free to call them at any time for advice.   Their contact details are : Phone 753 7795 or their mobile phones are : Jill 027 285 1630 and Chris 027 229 6322.


Parent/Caregiver contact information update - It is most important that parents and caregivers keep the college office advised of any change to their contact details, i.e. address, phone numbers (home, work and mobile), fax numbers and e-mail addresses.   In the event of an emergency it is vital that the college is able to contact a parent, caregiver or relative.   The boys cannot always be relied on to pass the information to the office, so if any of your contact details change they should be advised to the College office either by email office@fdmc.school.nz , fax on 06 753 6148, or phoned on 06 753 6149.


Lost Property - We have a Lost Property box outside the office in the main foyer which is full of un-named jerseys, along with other items.   If your son has lost uniform, please feel free to come in and check the box, or have your son do so.   It is most important that all items of uniform, including caps, hats, togs etc, are named.


Qualifications Fees For 2006  - The following schedule of fees for secondary school students engaged in assessment on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) will apply for 2006.   Please note that there is no increase in fees for 2006.


Domestic Candidates - NQF entry fees for 2006



Entry for all NQF standards and up to three scholarship subjects


Additional scholarship entries

$75.00 per subject


International Fee Paying Candidates - NQF entry fees for 2006



Entry for all NQF standards


All scholarship entries

$100.00 per subject


Domestic and International Fee Paying Candidates - Supplementary Fees Schedule



Search and confirmation for past result

$25.00 (per statement)

Reconsideration – NCEA (per booklet or portfolio)

Reconsideration – Scholarship (per subject)



Issue of NQF Certificates other than bulk runs of NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3


Return of folios to overseas addresses

$100.00 (per folio)

Late entry (per candidate)


Calculation of tertiary selection score for Australian universities




JAPAN TRIP FUNDRAISING - We are nearing the end of the fundraising, since our trip is in April.   We request your support for our last events - pizzas to be sold on athletics day, chocolate bars being sold at the moment and a big Easter raffle to be drawn at the start of April.   A McDonalds night will have been held by the time this newsletter is read and a social is also likely.   We are grateful to Craig Novak for donating a painting to be part of the first prize in our Easter raffle.   Many thanks to all those who have supported us over the last twelve months.



ANNUAL CARITAS APPEAL  - We are starting our annual Lenten Caritas appeal this week.   Each Thursday a collection will be taken up in Vertical Form time as a means of supporting the great work Caritas does in supporting impoverished communities throughout the world.   Last year we raised $1300 over five weeks of Lent and then another $2100 for Freeset in memory of Nathanael Bollen.   The focus this year is Mother Teresa's words of putting our love of God into action, so please support your sons and encourage them to put some money aside each week and bring it to school on Thursdays.




Welcome back to FDMC from the PTA.   Trust you all had happy and healthy holidays.

We had the pleasure of a walk around the new Technology block at our meeting last week and it was very impressive indeed!   This is a timely reminder to thank all the hard working and generous families , many who have now left the College , for raising the funds which will be used to furbish this valuable asset.

The Wine and Cheese Evening for families new to the School was very successful and it was great to see so many new faces.

Our Gala day, the major Fundraiser of the year is looming fast and we have enclosed a flyer for you to fill out if you are able to assist in any way.   We really appreciate all the help we can get leading up to and on the day of the gala.   It is a great social occasion for the school and one where the boys also help on the day through their vertical form stalls.

Everyone is welcome to come to the PTA meetings which are normally held on the second Monday of the month at 7.30 pm in the Boardroom above the office.   Bring a friend.

Our next meeting is on Monday 6 March, and the AGM is on Monday 8 May

Any enquiries please phone Jan Forsythe( 753 8010 )or Robyn Hickford (753 3303)



Community Rewards programme House_to_house.jpg

FDMC has registered with the Community Rewards programme, which means that if any member of our community uses any of the services provided by the Community Rewards Business Partners we receive a cash contribution.   Currently, their Partners are mainly associated with the Real Estate industry which means the amount we can receive from just one transaction, can be substantial! (often, several hundred dollars)

However, in order for the program to work for us we need your support. So the next time you're thinking of selling your home or refinancing your mortgage – please consider using the services provided by Community Rewards. It won't cost you a cent extra – and it could provide a huge boost to us!

Meantime, we would encourage you to visit www.communityrewards.co.nz and register with the program.   Registration only requires an email address and you don't need to be in the market for their services right now to be registered.




Term Dates for 2006

Term 1

Tuesday 7 February


Thursday 13 April

Term 2

Monday 1 May


Friday 30 June

Term 3

Monday 17 July


Friday 22 September

Term 4

Monday 9 October


Thursday 14 December




  • Taranaki Day ‚Äì 13 March
  • Good Friday 14 April
  • Easter Monday 17 April
  • Easter Tuesday 18 April
  • Anzac Day 25 April
  • Queen's Birthday Monday 5 June
  • Labour Day Monday 23 October




MARCH 2006


Ash Wednesday


Deans Assembly


YES Day for Year 12 & 13 students


Gifted & Talented – Oratory/Speechmaking – 5 x Yr 9 students – each Wednesday for 5 weeks from 1 March


Year 7 (2 classes) Retreat at St Chads


Gifted & Talented – Drama/Shakespeare @ FDMC – 9 x Yrs 8/9/10 students – 8:45 to 10:15am


Auckland Uni planning day – Yr 13 students – 10:25am


Year 13 Bio Class to beach Periods 1 & 2


Mufti Day - $2.00 (Gala Collection)


Yr 7 – 11:10am to 12:10pm– "Cool to be Kind" presentation in Theaterette (anti-bullying)


Gifted & Talented – Cell Biology at WITT – 10 x Yr 9/10 students – 1pm-2:30pm each Tuesday for 6 weeks from 21 Feb


Gifted & Talented – Oratory/Speechmaking – 5 x Yr 9 students – each Wednesday for 5 weeks from 1 March


Year 9 & 10 cricket vs Wanganui Collegiate – venue tbc


Gifted & Talented – Drama/Shakespeare @ FDMC – 9 x Yrs 8/9/10 students – 8:45 to 10:15am


Back-up day for Year 13 Bio Class to beach Periods 3, 4 and lunch (if adverse weather on 7th)


College Athletics Carnival


Youth Mass


TSS Surf Lifesaving @ Ngamotu Beach


Taranaki Anniversary Day


Year 13 English assessment


Gifted & Talented – Drama/Shakespeare @ FDMC – 9 x Yrs 8/9/10 students – 8:45 to 10:15am


Gifted & Talented – Cell Biology at WITT – 10 x Yr 9/10 students – 1pm-2:30pm each Tuesday for 6 weeks from 21 Feb


Board of Trustees & Special Character Committee meetings


Gifted & Talented – Oratory/Speachmaking – 5 x Yr 9 students – each Wednesday for 5 weeks from 1 March


TSS Orienteering – Pukukura Park @ 5:30pm


Gifted & Talented – Drama/Shakespeare @ FDMC – 9 x Yrs 8/9/10 students – 8:45 to 10:15am


Year 12 Bio Class to Taranaki – whole day (weather permitting)


Years 9 & 10 Social – Japan Fundraising


Back-up day for Year 12 Bio Class to Mt Taranaki – whole day (weather permitting)


TSS Athletics @ Inglewood High School

19 & 20

Young Leaders (Year 12)


TSS Surfing @ Oakura Boardriders Club


Year 9 Retreat at St Chads


Gifted & Talented – Cell Biology at WITT – 10 x Yr 9/10 students – 1pm-2:30pm each Tuesday for 6 weeks from 21 Feb


Years 11-13 Taranaki On Farm Careers Day


Gifted & Talented – Oratory/Speachmaking – 5 x Yr 9 students – each Wednesday for 5 weeks from 1 March


Year 9 Retreat at St Chads


Year 9 Retreat at St Chads


Year 12 Bio class to Barretts - 2 periods (weather permitting)


Backup day for Year 12 Bio class to Barretts – 2 periods (weather permitting)


Year 9 Retreat at St Chads


College Gala Day


TSS Triathlon @ Ngamotu Beach


Year 13 English Assignment due


NI Softball 2nd Division Nationals - Rotorua


Gifted & Talented – Cell Biology at WITT – 10 x Yr 9/10 students – 1pm-2:30pm each Tuesday for 6 weeks from 21 Feb


TSS Swimming @ TSB Pool, Stratford


Deans Assembly


Gifted & Talented – Oratory/Speachmaking – 5 x Yr 9 students – each Wednesday for 5 weeks from 1 March


Year 9 & 10 M?ѬÅori classes to Marae


Year 9 Retreat at St Chads


Year 11 SCI Test I


Year 13 all day coastal Geography trip


Interim Reports completed



APRIL 2006


St John 's (Hamilton) 1st XV @ FDMC (TBC)


Year 10 Students at TOPEC


Yr 12 English assessment


Year 10 Students at TOPEC


Year 10 Students at TOPEC


Year 10 Students at TOPEC


Year 10 Students at TOPEC


Peter Vardy Professional Development Seminar for Staff


Japan Group Tour (10 students & 2 staff)


Youth Mass


Holy Week Liturgies


De La Salle College 1st & 2nd XV @ FDMC (arrive 9th – play 10th) (tbc)


Board of Trustees & Educational Policy Committee meetings


Deans Assembly


Parent/Teacher Interviews (afternoon)


Summer Sports Photos


Parent/Teacher Interviews (morning)


Senior Rugby Tour of NSW, Australia (TBC)

End of Term One


Good Friday


Easter Monday






The F.D.M.C. Gala Day for 2006 is nearly here.   This is our major fundraiser for the year.   It will be held at the college on Saturday, 25 March from 11am to 2pm.

Thanks to those who have already offered their help, however, we still need help in the following ways.

At the Gala we have a major grocery raffle, so the week 14 to 17 March is to be known as GROCERY WEEK.   We ask the boys to bring a non-perishable grocery item to donate to this raffle.   Please check the expiry dates on these goods to ensure that the use-by-date has not passed!   Groceries can be brought to the college office.   They will be much appreciated!

Closer to the Gala we need donations of the following vegetables: 40kgs onions, 8 cauliflowers, 5kgs of frozen peas, a crate of lettuces and a crate of tomatoes, 25 kgs Basmati Rice, 4kgs lentils/ chick peas and 10kgs popping corn.   If you think you can help out with any of these, no matter how small please ring Jan Forsythe as soon as possible on 753-8010.

Supermarket plastic bags will be put to use at the Gala and can be left at the college office.

Start collecting donations of other goods such as those for the White Elephant, second hand clothing, book stall, plant stall, bottle stall etc.   We will advise when these can be dropped off at the office (probably early March).

On the Friday before the Gala (24 March) we are hoping that you will drop off perishable goods and baking to the college.   We would appreciate cakes, desserts and sweets etc.

As your college P.T.A. we appreciate your help.   When we all work together we can make things happen.   Please advise the college office as soon as possible if you are able to help in any way, e.g.:





I CAN HELP ON THE DAY - Yes / No (preferred stall if desired)


I CAN DONATE ........................................................................................

I WILL BAKE ...........................................................................................


Please advise the College Office by Friday 17 March.