Term 3 - 2007 - No.9

Dear Parents
The Year 11–13 students will be sitting their Preliminary Examinations at the beginning of next term.  After this, they are left with 5 weeks until their final examinations.  For students in Years 7–10 there is a little more time until the end of the school year.  It is perhaps opportune to take some time to reflect on what we can do to support our young men in attending school and in their learning.  I would like to share with you a reflection I came across written by the Headmaster of a Boys' College:

“I often have parents asking advice about what they can do to support their sons in attending school and in their learning.  The first and most important thing to is support them and work with the school.  I often talk of the three-legged stool - the school, the parents, the student each being a leg.  We all need to work together (even-length legs) and we all have to do our best (make the legs as high as possible) to ensure that the seat (the success of the student) is as high as possible.  The school and parents are also like the wind beneath the wings of their student sons.

While the following list is by no means exhaustive, those of you who do wonder how to help may find some of these suggestions helpful:
  • always be positive and supportive about learning
  • encourage a good work habit and all those qualities that students can develop in preparation for life and work after school
  • tell them stories about the valuable things you got from secondary school that contributed positively to your life.  Conversely, telling your sons you hated school does nothing for their confidence in schooling
  • support them getting things right, particularly with regard to school and societal rules and laws ie uniform (correct, tidy and clean), be at school on time, correct vehicle usage, absence notes, informing the school of absences, tidy appearance etc.
  • promote healthy living in your home - healthy regular meals, attend to health issues, regular sleep, drug and alcohol education
  • support your son in career and life planning
  • be active in attending school functions, parent report evenings, prize givings etc
  • provide a suitable space for home study
  • support and monitor home study and motivate and encourage your son to always do his best
  • help your son identify his personal strengths and weaknesses
  • assist the development of his strengths and minimise the weaknesses
  • teach him resilience, to be able to enjoy successes and to learn from failures.
  • Praise the good and help overcome the bad
It is an onerous task we have but it can be enormously rewarding when all three legs are tall and even.”

The past few weeks have have seen some wonderful achievements by members of the College community.
Congratulations to the following boys who were awarded College Colours for excellence during a special assembly on 5 September:

Service:     Nick Siffleet, Joshua Hickford, Hamish Till
Culture:     Shehan Gunatunga, Tim Hills, David Hills
Sport:     Liam Richardson, Nick Henderson, Max Williams

Congratulations to:
•    Rick McKenna (Year 13), Kane Barrett (Year 12) and Todd Curtis (Year 12) for their selection as members of the New Zealand Secondary Schools Rugby team.
•    Senior A Basketball for their win in the Senior Basketball finals on Monday 17 September.

Staff Changes - Mr Chris Rata has resigned.  We wish Chris every success in his new employment in Western Australia.

It is with sadness that the College community notes the passing to eternal life of Mr Bill Smyth, father of Brother Peter Smyth (staff member), who died on 16 September.

Bro Peter Ryan


Quest Awards - September

Year 7 - Attainment - Joseph Robinson
Year 7 - Diligence - Chaz Jones, Aashan Khatri, Eli Kneepkens
Year 8 - Attainment - Hayden Chamberlain, Daniel Saunders
Year 8 - Diligence - Alistair Murray, Ciaran Candy, Kieran McLean, Ethan Beggs, Jacob Glenn and Joshua Gooch
Year 9 - Attainment - Daniel Hodge, Trinity Manson
Year 9 - Diligence - Trent Rowlands, Trent Van der Poel

* Congratulations to Josh Hickford who has been selected as one of 15 students throughout New Zealand to receive a PricewaterhouseCoopers Aspire Scholarship for which he will receive financial support and mentoring help throughout his University studies and he will also have the chance to work at PricewaterhouseCoopers during his University summer holidays.

* Congratulations Cameron O'Sullivan, Adam Bridgeman, Reece Jordan for being selected in to the NZ Army Careers week in September holidays.

* Congratulations to Brook Melody of Year 7 who has been selected for the Taranaki Under 12 Representative soccer team.

* Congratulations to Satch Pryor of Year 7 who has been selected for the Taranaki Under 11 Representative rugby league team.

Year 8 MediatorsMediator_pix.JPG

Congratulations to the group of Year 8 boys who have qualified as Peer Mediators in the Year 7 and 8 quad area.  The boys are: Connor Ferguson, Sam Fastier, Tane Butler, Ciaran Candy, Sam Fiddis, Benjamin Sofeni, Joshua Connolly, Alistair Murray, Daniel Sanders and Jonathan Ritchie.

These boys have volunteered their lunchtimes to settle issues out in the playground.  They are highly respected by their peers and teachers.  Well done boys!

Pictured are Brendan Julian, Benjamin Sofeni and Sam Fastier.

Film Project

Richard Greenaway and Sandie Hura (Year 10) were selected to be part of a short film project that was to be shot on the mountain during September.  The movie is a Master of Fine Arts project by Amanda Wright and is supported by the University of Auckland. 

Classroom News

Music Report - Term 3

The musicians at Francis Douglas Memorial College have been working as hard as ever throughout term 3.

Perhaps the college's biggest musical success to date was at the Taranaki Rockquest finals on 17 August.  We had five bands make it through to the final; Duplo, SRockquest_ex_Stratford_Press.JPGoup Kitchen, Coulton's Co, Dormitabo and Mantra.  They competed against bands from New Plymouth Boys’ High School, New Plymouth Girls’ High School, Waitara High School and Hawera High School.

FDMC bands took the winning places with Duplo taking first place and Dormitabo taking second place.  These two bands now have some tasks to complete, including making a video of their band, which will be judged against the country's 48 finalists.  The top 6 will then go forward and perform in National Rockquest Finals in Auckland.  We wish the boys of Duplo and Dormitabo the very best in getting to the National Finals.

At the Taranaki Rockquest heats, on a very rainy Sunday morning, and at the finals at the TSB Showplace it was great to see so many college boys come to support the bands playing.

"On 19th August the Contemporary Combo impressed the 'older members of our community' at the New Plymouth RSA with their jazz.  "Combo" as it is better known is led by Robin Wellaway (who plays Alto saxophone and is a little known past winner of the National Rockquest competition!) with Simon Velvin on drums, Nick Price on guitar, Isaac Mischefski on keys and Tim Wood and Jarrod Bakker also on Alto Saxophone.

At the RSA Jazz Day the Combo played three pieces (two jazz and one Latin).  These included “Sugar” by Stanley Turrentine, “Stolen Moments” by Oliver Nelson and their Latin piece which has many names but is well known as “Black Orpheus” by Louis Bonfi.  In each of the pieces the boys took at least 3 or 4 solos, with the audience applauding at the end of each.

The RSA Jazz Day was opened by our very own Deputy Head Boy, Scott Murphy, who following the success of Duplo two nights before at the Rockquest Finals, was the only member of his trio able to perform!  He did a great job, playing piano solo including George Gershwin's "I got rhythm" and a few of his own compositions.

Performing at the RSA Jazz Day and, earlier in the year at the Manawatu Jazz Festival have been some of the Combo's highlights.  Working towards performances always raises our standards and is a great buzz to achieve."     
Jarrod Bakker
Year 9 member of the Contemporary Combo

Our Year 11 and 12 Music students are busily completing their composition portfolios and preparing for their final performances which will be on Friday 19 October.  The standard of performance is always high and students and parents are invited to attend their performance afternoon which will run from 1.30pm onwards until all final solo and group performances have been completed.

As part of the Taranaki International Arts Festival we were lucky enough to have Fiddlestix come into school and perform for all the junior boys.  On stage, a family (mum, dad and their two sons) played violins, guitars, drums and percussion, sang songs and showed the boys how to experiment and get creative with their instruments - making their violins sound like cars and animals. 

Combined as part of the Arts Festival and our music department season of Chamber Music concerts over 20 college boys attended the Pedro Carniero Marimba Concert at the Theatre Royal.  The day before this Chamber Music NZ concert all our Year 10, 11 and 12 music students had attended a workshop at the Theatre Royal which gave them quite an insight into the repertoire of the marimba, vibraphone and a highly impressive and inspiring composition for two snare drums.

Ten of our senior music students spent an afternoon at New Plymouth Boys’ High School working with Strike Percussion.  Working alongside senior musicians from New Plymouth Girls’ High, the group were instructed as they composed a fantastically effective piece of percussion music, with over 20 students playing inside "the cube" the volume was deafening and the energy was contageous.  A fantastic experience for all involved.

Dillon_Elise.JPGOur boys love percussion and drums.  We have two full days of drum lessons in school each week and to help further inspire the boys Dillon Elise was invited into school to perform to the juniors, run a workshop with the senior musicians and drummers of the school and then perform again in assembly to the whole school.  With his glistening drum kits, worth over $30,000, bright lights and cameras to show his insane coordination the 17 year old musician spoke frankly to our boys, showed them some drum kit tricks and shared his passion for drumming.  Notably he also won the "most outstanding musician" award at last year's Rockquest finals.  This really does show how great an achievement it is of Duplo and Dormitabo to be of a standard to compete against musicians of this calibre.

As a whole school singing both secular and sacred songs in assembly each week is really taking off and it is impressive to students, staff and visitors how well the boys sing.  Keep it up.

School singing is also greatly supported by the excellent levels of commitment shown by the Junior Choir.  Recently some Year 8 members have had to miss their regular rehearsals so they may complete a science project though their attendance at extra rehearsals on Monday lunchtime is expected and is certainly noted as their excellent commitment to the college.
Up coming concerts - Fusion (joining forces with Sacred Heart Girls’ College orchestra) and Junior Choir (alongside Sacred Heart Girls’ College choirs) and a Beginner's Concert for students who have been learning their instrument for 2 years or less.  Dates for these events will be announced shortly.

Technic lego

Year 7 are using Technic lego to investigate pulleys, levers, gears etc.  The students all enjoy this hands-on approach.  Each week students are challenged to see who can apply the skills learnt.


Picture 1 - Cavaan Wild, Mason Pokere, Michael Poppelwell and Marino Courtenay
Picture 2 - Brock Wills, Bradley Haakma, Kayden Briskie and Felix Griffin

Out and About

Agriculture ReportAg_Report___Norwood.jpg

On 27 August the tenth annual Taranaki Secondary Schools agricultural Safety Challenge was hosted by FDMC on our agriculture facility.  This year the participating schools were NPGHS, FDMC, Hawera, Stratford, St Mary’s Stratford and Waitara. 

The Challenge has an emphasis on educating the students on prudent safety procedures in six common agriculture operations: handling livestock, handling and using agricultural chemicals, handling firearms, operating ATVs, operating tractors and working at heights (ladders, etc).   The challenge is completed by a quick quiz, with all questions relating to safety or first aid.  Unfortunately our FDMC team of Brendon Bevins, Daniel Holdt, Nicholas Joyce and Chris Mathys were unable to defend the title.  Using notes from their Year 9 study they were a very creditable 2nd (1 point behind) after the practical test, but faltered in the quiz. 

The 2007 winners were Hawera High School.


TSS Motocross

After a couple of postponements due to inclement weather the TSS Motocross championships were held in great weather and with good track conditions at Barrett Park on 16 August 2007.Motocross___winners.JPG

Francis Douglas fielded a large team of riders, all of whom performed very well and were excellent representatives for the college.

Years 12 – 13:  Robert Buchanan 2nd, Tim Holland 4th, Tim Gilmour 5th, Steven Warner 7th, Kieran Clough 10th

Year 11:  Callum Neeson 1st, Jason Rickit 2nd, Cameron Hart-Hancock 3rd, Nicholas Joyce 4th, Tony Gawler 10th, Campbell McSeveny 14th, Daniel Holdt 16th

Year 10:  Dorrien Neeson 2nd, Jason Andrews 3rd, Tommy Death 10th, Damian Turner 11th

Champion of Champions:  Callum Neeson 1st, Cameron Hart-Hancock 3rd

Pictured: Jason Rickit, Callum Neeson and Cameron Hart-Hancock

Careers & Guidance

Call Centre Positions

Part-time computer based telesales positions available - full training will be provided.  Call 06 759 5110 or email your CV to info@mclconnect.co.nz.

Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF)

Now actively recruiting for the January and May 2008 intakes.
Trades for the January 2008 intake:
(Applications close 7/12/07)
Avionics technician, Aircraft Technician, Supply specialist, Photographer, Communication & Information Systems (CIS) technician
Trades for May 2008 intake:
(Applications close 30/3/08)
Avionics Technician, Aircraft Technician, Armament Technician, Composites Technician, Supply Specialist, Fire Fighter, Medic, Physical Training Instructor (PTI), Air Warfare Specialist.
For further information go to www.airforce.mil.nz or phone (06) 357 2163.

ZESPRI Horticulture scholarships

Seven scholarships of $3,000 each are offered to assist students of strong academic calibre to undertake a tertiary qualification in horticulture or a related field.  Applications close at 5pm on 16 October. An information leaflet is available at the Careers Office For further information call the ZESPRI Grower Contact Centre on 0800 155 355.

“Just the Job” – TV2 – 4.00pm Saturdays starting on 13 October 2007

A new series of programmes for career seekers is beginning on TV2 on Saturday 13 October at 4.00pm.  The programmes are half an hour in duration and each one covers three diverse career possibilities.  Sarah McIndoe of Career Services also gives career-seeking tips.
There are ten programmes in the first series and a second series is planned.  Back up information and teachers’ notes for the series during the transmission season can be found at: www.tvnz.co.nz - Keywords: Just the Job.

Sports News

1st X1 Soccer

22 August 2007 - Four is the magic number
FDMC rounded off this season’s interschool matches with a 7–0 romp in the winter sun, against City College from Wanganui.  Inspirational captain Michael Reive again underlying his versatility to the team, turning goal poacher from goal keeper, with a four goal brace in the second half.  Just like Tomas Mosquera in the previous week’s game, Michael Reive proved for the second game running that four is indeed the magic number.

FDMC controlled the game from start to finish and took advantage of both possession and territory to stamp their authority on the game.  Playing with only one forward in attack, City College seemed content to defend in numbers and worked hard to frustrate the home team’s early attacking opportunities.

The deadlock was eventually broken by midfielder Morgan Hall with a superb 25 yard strike that dipped and swerved into the top corner of the goal.  The lead was quickly extended when Aarron Huesser pounced on an opportunity to score from close range to give FDMC a 2-0 half time lead.

FDMC piled on the pressure in the second half and peppered the City College goal, only to be denied by the woodwork and some brave goalkeeping.  Tomas Mosquerra was finally rewarded for his tireless work up front with a well taken third goal seconds before Michael Reive returned to the pitch as a second half substitute.  His arrival sparked a flurry of goals and a series of damaging passages of play, which ultimately put the game out of reach and underlined the difference in class between the two sides. 

This game was a fitting finale before the team travel to this year’s NZSS Soccer Regional Tournament (Linwood Cup), and a performance which has been typical of a very successful and enjoyable unbeaten run this season.    
Ian McGrath - 1st X1 Coach

Linwood Cup 2007 - Soccer 1st X1

Soccer___Linwood_Cup_4.JPGFDMC scooped an impressive third place and a deserved bronze medal in the most successful NZ Secondary Schools Soccer tournament campaign in their history.  The significance of their success was not undermined by the memory of what might have been, as they missed out on a deserved place in the final after narrowly losing out, 3-4 after extra time and penalties in a semi-final against Lindisfarne College.

FDMC started the tournament sluggishly and suffered their first loss of this season in a very difficult game against Taradale College - the team that eventually went on to become Champions.  However, the team responded perfectly in the face of adversity and recorded two fine victories in their remaining pool games.  An improved performance led to a comfortable 4-0 win against St John’s College followed by an 8-0 thumping of Wanganui Collegiate, with four vital second-half goals from captain, Michael Reive.  The significance of their achievement was later highlighted by Taradale’s shock defeat against a spirited St John’s side, which saw FDMC finish top of their respective pool on goals scored and playing for Top 8 places.

FDMC eased their way into the semi final, with two more goals from Michael Reive in a comfortable 2-1 win over Onslow College (Wellington) in their Quarter Final match.
In very difficult conditions, FDMC kept their best performance of the Tournament for the semi final clash against a more experienced and talented Lindisfarne team.  FDMC showed more passion and desire to win and edged both territory and possession in a very tense encounter.  A combination of hurried finishing, excellent goal keeping and an absence of “lady luck” prevented FDMC from capitalising on their efforts during normal time.  FDMC attempted to claim the winning goal in the dying seconds of normal time, after a frantic goal line scramble, but they were denied victory by the referee, who determined that the ball had not crossed the line.

The game remained in deadlock at 1-1 after extra time and so moved into the dreaded penalty shoot out to determine who would progress into the final.  Despite their best efforts, FDMC were dealt a cruel blow as Lindisfarne College held on to their nerve to win the game 3-4 on penalties.

However, on the final day FDMC responded positively to the disappointment of not making the final with a 2-1 win against local rivals Spotswood to claim third place and a well deserved bronze medal. The tournament was a great success, the most significant achievement for any 1st X1 Soccer team in the college’s history and just rewards for an outstanding season of football that resulted in ten wins, two draws and only one loss during normal time.

**Michael Reive, Team Captain, was top goal scorer and “Tournament Golden Boot” with eight goals, and Morgan Hall was voted FDMC Most Valuable Player.
(More photos are showing on the college website at http://www.fdmc.school.nz/?sid=568)


No Parking

Could everyone please note that as the tennis courts  have now been covered with artificial turf for sports practices they are no longer available as parking space.

For Sale

2 x sow farrowing crates
2 x pig weaner houses
If interested please phone the college and ask for Mr Paul Drury on Extn 860.

Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

Under the new Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 which took effect from 5 September, we wish to re-confirm the consent of those parents and caregivers on our email list to receive the newsletter in this format.  If you are happy to stay on that list, you need take no further action.  If, however, you would prefer not to receive your newsletter by email, please reply to the our email and ask to be removed from the list.



21    End of Term 3

October 2007

8 October – Term 4 begins

8          Teacher-only day
9          Otago Uni – course planning – 11:55am to 1:30pm
10-12   Preliminary exams
13        New Entrant testing
15-16   Preliminary exams
18        Massey University Course Planning @ 11:55am
19        Inter-House Kapa Haka
19        Francis Douglas Day/Mission Action Day
22        Labour Day - Holiday
23/24   National Young M?ѬÅori Leaders Conference
27        FDMC Sports Awards Dinner @ New Plymouth Club
28        TSS Junior Touch
29        Rugby Assembly @ 10:15am
31        Colours Assembly

Term Dates & Holidays 2007

Term 3    16 July to 21 September
Term 4    8 October to 14 December

Labour Day - 22 October