NCEA Updates

Learning Recognition Credits  -  updated 10 September 2021

The Government has decided that students disrupted by 16 days of COVID-19 lockdown this year will be eligible to receive Learning Recognition Credits (LRCs) at a rate of 1 LRC per 5 credits achieved through assessment, up to a cap of 8 LRCs at NCEA Level 1, and 6 LRCs and Levels 2 and 3.

The thresholds for being awarded endorsements and University Entrance will remain at their normal levels for students who have not been disrupted for 20 school days. 

In summary, the students at FDMC WILL receive Learning Recognition Credits but will NOT experience any changes to Course and NCEA Endorsements or University Entrance.  These will remain the same.   

We expect all our students to continue to focus on their studies and strive to achieve their potential.  Withdrawing from an external examination or failing to complete work is not acceptable and can impact hugely on subject pathways and a student's ability to take a particular subject the following year. 

Preliminary Exams are scheduled for week 1, term 4.   Senior students should have prepared an examination study plan by now and should be making the most of their in-class time.  The Prelim Exams are used for Derived Grade applications so it is very important students try to do their best in these examinations. 

To find out more about the LRCs, please visit the NZQA website.