2003 College Prefects

We are privileged to be elected as Prefects of Francis Douglas Memorial College for 2003. We will strive with God's help, and the help of the College community, to lead by example through service and with truth, to serve this community by unselfishly giving our time and energy to ensure that each member of the College experiences a place where they feel safe, where they are respected. Through faith and love, we will do what we can, when we can, to lead the College. Amen.

The following Year 13 students have been chosen as College Leaders for 2003:

Head Boy:
Jean-Pierre Le Prou

Deputy Head Boy:
Sam Barrett

Head Boarder:
Paul Williams

Deputy Head Boarder:
Cameron Muggeridge

Cultural Captain:
Luke Herlihy

Benildus Captain:
Jeremy Hill

Benildus Vice-Captain:
Jaiden Drought

La Salle Captain:
Thomas Hills

La Salle Vice-Captain:
Daniel Bolstad

Loreto Captain:
Ryan Fleming

Loreto Vice-Captain:
Blake Dunlop

Solomon Captain:
Paul Williams

Solomon Vice-Captain:
Robert Rawles

Cory Avison
Scott Peacock
Nicholas Carey

BOT Representative:
Chris Webby

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