Hostel Report

Paul Williams – Head Boarder
Camerone Muggeridge – Deputy Head Boarder

Where have the years gone? It only seems like yesterday when we were entering the college as year 9 boys, now in the blink of an eye our time at this great place has come to an end. The experience of Hostel life at FDMC has been priceless and we wouldn't trade a memory for anything in the world. The good times and the bad will never be forgotten.

Looking back at when we first started in 1999, the Year 13 Group are amazed at how quickly we have transformed into young men. We have made many life long friends here at FDMC, but the boys in the Hostel are more like brothers. We have been living together for so long it's scary to think how much we know about each other.

Throughout 2003, there have been many high and low points. Once again the Hostel Boys have represented the College in a number of activities. We have had several boys take part in O'Shea Shield this year and do extremely well. We have also had representation in Hockey and Cricket at the highest level in the College, as well as 18 Boarders in the 1st XV and 2nd XV.

The boys have also shown their talent on the dance floor. In the early half of the year we have had socials with St Mary's and our sister school Sacred Heart and they were enjoyed by all.

One low point of the year would have to be when our 3rd Form boarder's rugby team went down, to our arch rivals NPBH. All who witnessed this game were blown away by the sheer guts and determination shown by our boy's right to the final whistle. Good effort guys, you did the college proud.

Congratulations also must go to the boys in the 1st XV who were underdogs going into the game against New Plymouth Boys High School at Yarrows Stadium. The end result was a breathtaking 17 - 15 win. Well done to the players and supporters who took part in this memorable event.

This year the Hostel has been under the guidance of Mr Cleary and Br Peter. Mr Cleary made large sacrifices to his personal life to see that things ran smoothly in the Hostel and for this we thank him. We now welcome Mr Murray and his wife to the Hostel and wish them all the best for 2004. Without the domestic staff, supervisors and especially the brothers, it is fair to say the Hostel simply wouldn't operate. The work these people do in the kitchen, laundry and around the Hostel is greatly appreciated.

There is one lady in the Hostel who answers our every cry without fail. Her name is Mrs Fleming and her job is Matron. She is told this every year, but to the Hostel Boys she has been our second Mum. Thank you for always being there when we have needed you. You truly are a special person who will never be forgotten.

At McDonalds the saying goes "Smiles are free". Every morning in the Hostel is like McDonalds. Whether you want it or not, you will always receive a friendly smile from Heather and Carol. Ladies, thank you for making the start of each day a bright one.

Another true champion on our Hostel is Mrs Smith. She always leaves the Year 13 Hostel looking like new. Even though she has been asked repeatedly not to do our dishes by Mr Walsh, she continues to do them for us. You will always be remembered Mrs Smith, especially when we start doing our own dishes.

Huge thanks must also go to Mr Walsh who has always been there to bring humour to the day, and especially Mr Gray. Mr Gray started at FDMC the same year as the Year 13 Boys in 1999. Growing up with him in our lives has been truly valuable to us all. Thank you for the time and effort you have both put in.

To the Hostel boys next year, we wish you the very best in your academic and sporting endeavors. Remember how truly privileged you are to be apart of the Hostel at FDMC. It is apart of your journey through life which will never be forgotten, so make the most of it.