Newsletter Term 1 No. 1

"Welcome to 2004!

The College would like to offer a warm welcome to all members of the Francis Douglas community as we commence our 2004 school year.

We would especially like to welcome those students enrolling at FDMC for the first time:

  • 69 students enrolling in Year 7

  • 60 students enrolling in Year 9

  • The small number of students enrolling at other Year levels.

We will do our best to ensure that all our students, and especially our new boys settle quickly into College life at what we hope will be the beginning of an exciting and rewarding year.

STAFF 2004

We extend a warm welcome to new staff members who have joined the College this year. I am confident that each will make a valuable contribution to the life of the College and the education of the boys entrusted to their care.

  • Mr Jan Meyer Head of Technology

  • Ms Renee Wollaston English

  • Mr Daniel Morath Physical Education & Health

We also welcome back from leave Mr Wayne Cribb.


The College extends its congratulations to the following students who have been appointed to leadership positions within the College for 2004:

Head Boy - Grant Maclean
Deputy Head Boy - Riley McGregor
Head Boarder - Shaun Poole
Deputy Head Boarder - Phillip Walsh
BOT Representative - Shaun Smart
Cultural Captain - Chip McCabe
Cultural Vice-Captain - Daniel Burkett
Benildus Capt. - Scott Fuglistaller
Benildus v/c - James Rowland
La Salle Capt. - Jacob Smith
La Salle v/c - Abraham Schumacher
Loreto Capt. - Ben Jagersma
Loreto v/c - James Slaats
Solomon Capt. - Jeremy Clark
Solomon v/c - Evan McGarvey
Prefect - Kade Bernet
Prefect - Jonathan McCormack
Prefect - Chris Wicky


The College takes particular pride in recording the results of our 2003 UE students, which were outstanding. The following statistics are some of the indicators of their achievements as a group.

  • 18 ‚ÄòA‚Äô Bursaries

  • 26 "B‚Äô Bursaries

  • 86% of students achieved University Entrance

Congratulations to the following students

‘A’ Bursary:

Cory Avison, Sam Barrett, Daniel Bolstad, Nicholas Carey, Natthan Cleaver, Blake Dunlop, Daniel Graham, Luke Herlihy, Nathan Hill, Thomas Hills, Scott Peacock, Leon Power, Joseph Radich, Robert Rawles, Aaron Waite, Cameron Walsh, Chris Webby, Cameron Whelan

Congratulations is extended to Cory Avison who was awarded Scholarships in Mathematics with Calculus, Chemistry and Geography, and to Thomas Hills who was awarded a Scholarship in English.


Mark Addison, Patrick Bradford, Owen Clarke, Jared Coombes, Graeme Crehan, Jaiden Drought, Ryan Fleming, Alistair Gall, Paul Gibbons, Blair Gregg, Felix Hartmann, Mark Heath, Jeremy Hill, Aaron Hodson, Marc Jackson, Mark Klenner, Jean-Pierre Le Prou, Luke Mann, Cameron Muggeridge, Kane O’Keeffe, Brendan Pope, Thomas Prestney, Nathan Richardson, Matthew Smith, Gareth Tai, Sean Zieltjes.

Top NCEA Students

Year 11 (Level 1)

Clarke Cameron, Nicholas Sidler, Scott Jackson, Reuben Costello, Matthew Carey, Joseph Bradley, Matthew Bloomfield, Kelly Barclay, Kyle Crowley, Zenek Zurakowski, Matthew Warner

Year 12 (Level 2)

Chris Wicky, Shaun Murphy, Daniel Burkett, Kristofer Whittle, Grant Maclean, Jeremy Adams, Luke Day, James Putt, Alexander Keegan, Ben Jagersma.


The College has been informed that the following students (or recent students) have been named in New Zealand teams:

  • Andrew Barczak NZL Archery Team

  • Daniel Bolstad NZL U19 Cricket team

  • Shane Cleaver NZL U17 Rugby Squad

  • Scott Fuglistaller NZL U17 Rugby Squad

  • Tom Ingram NZL Koru Basketball team


As part of the Music Option class programme, students participated in the Royal Schools of Music Theory exams. Congratulations to:

Matthew Bloomfield (Distinction – Grade 3), Taylor Brien (Merit – Grade 1), Todd Cameron (Distinction – Grade 1), Ciaran Dromgool (Distinction – Grade 3), Christopher Murray (Distinction – Grade 1), Nicholas Sidler (Merit – Grade 3), Simon Velvin (Distinction – Grade 4), Zachary Wills (Distinction – Grade 2), Steve Xiao (Merit – Grade 5).

At this time, whilst celebrating in the achievements of the graduates of 2003, we rejoice also with all those who have worked and achieved to their potential, and who have contributed and continue to contribute to the life of the College.

Brother Peter


YEAR 7 & 8

The Year 7 and Year 8 students have settled into FDMC very well It is always amazing to see how quickly and easily the boys adapt to the College which in most cases is vastly different from the schools they have come from.

Every boy in Year 7 and Year 8 has received a Personal Organiser (Diary). Please ask to see this as it will record the homework and any communication your son’s homeroom teacher may wish to make with you. This diary allows an avenue of communication and allows you to be fully aware of the weeks homework. Please sign the diary every Thursday night as it is handed in each Friday for checking by Homeroom teachers.

It is essential that your son’s clothing be named as you will appreciate all shirts, shorts, etc. look the same and without a name it is difficult to identify lost property.

Should you have any concerns at any time, don’t hesitate to call me at the College.

Christine Alexander
Year 7 & 8 Dean


The Annual General Meeting of the FDMC PTA will be held in the College Board Room on Monday 9 February, commencing at 7.30 p.m. All parents are welcome. The AGM will be followed by a Gala Day meeting. The PTA would like to encourage new members to join the committee. Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month.


The 2004 Gala will be held on Saturday 20 March.


As a result of the amendments to the Smoke Free Environments Act passed through parliament last year, all schools in New Zealand are now entirely smoke free. This includes buildings, grounds and functions occurring within the school environs. There are heavy fines for the individual (up to $400.00) and the school (up to $4,000.00) for violation of the law.


Please do not drop your children off in the staff carpark area. Drop them at the front gate to avoid congestion. Thank you.


The fees for NCEA are $150.00 for a full course of assessment. These will be collected later in the year. CPP students should pay their fees to the office as soon as possible.

Some financial assistance is available for NCEA fees if there are 2 or more students in a family sitting NCEA, or if the family is entitled to a benefit or a community services card. Feel free to ask the school office for details.



Congratulations to Brent Stevenson and Sean McCallum on their recent successes in Invercargill. Brent gained 3rd place in the Junior Boys 3000m and Sean was placed 9th out of 63 competitors in the Year 9 Road Race. A special thank you to Barbara & Mike Stevenson, Rosie Gould and Dallas McCallum for your valued assistance on the trip."