Newsletter Term 1 No. 5

" Dear Parents, Caregivers and students,

John XXIII was Pope from 1958 until 1963. He helped to renew the Church for the present times. A few days before he died, Pope John told one of his staff:

The secret of my ministry is in that crucifix you see opposite my bed.
It’s there so that I can see it in my first waking moment
and before going to sleep.
Look at it, see it as I see it.
Those open arms have been the programme
of all that I have tried to do as Pope:
they say that Christ died for all – for all.
No one is excluded from his love, from his forgiveness.

As we prepare to celebrate the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus in the coming days, may each of us be reminded of the unconditional love that God has for each of us and may we in turn share that love with our families, friends and all with whom we come in contact.


From the farewell speech given by Grant Maclean – Head Boy

Eighteen years ago a young handsome man walked into the College keen to whip some boys into shape. Later this week a man, a bit more aged but just as handsome will walk out his office door for the last time. As he walks out I'm sure, with a smile on his face, he will be satisfied that it was a successful episode in his life, and an end of an era in his working life.

Mr Whyte has always treated everyone fairly and with respect and whilst some students may not have appreciated the discipline or detentions given out at the time, I am sure they will, at a later date, be grateful to Mr Whyte for his help and guidance into making them a better person.

Past the authoritative exterior is a man who always has a great story to tell: "The art of living is the art of using experience - your own and other peoples". This is exactly what Mr Whyte enables us to do. His senior module class, if it had a name, would be "My Life". Over the years, he has answered the questions written down by Year 12 and 13. To many it is their favourite module, not only for its relaxing nature, but also for the wealth of experience and knowledge Mr Whyte has to offer.

Thank you Mr Whyte for touching our hearts and we wish you all the best for your future.

The College also farewells this week Mr Fred Fenwick, caretaker extraordinaire. Mr Fenwick began work at FDMC in 1980 and over the past 24 years has helped to maintain the Hostel and the College. He is a fount of wisdom on how most things in the College work. We wish him good health and good luck in his retirement.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever!
Brother Peter


Grocery Hamper
Draw No. 1 – No. 294 Corinne Raynor
Draw No. 2 – No. 396 Jackie Smith
Draw No. 3 – No. 544 Sue Burkett
Okato Buslines Hamper No. 169 Chris Davies
Strandon Pharmacy Basket & Waterfront Penthouse Voucher No. 060 Walsh Family
Kids Basket No.1 No. 121 Toni Cullen
Kids Basket No.2 No. 076 Maureen Candy
Easter Cake No. 013 M Leslie
Sports Bag No. 068 Harry Duynhoven
Radio Works Hamper No. 116 M Landrigan
Body Indulgence Pack No. 134 Carol Land
Dinner Bed & Breakfast at Dawson Falls Tourist LodgeNo. 025 Bronwyn Donaldson
Hand painted Pot No. 017 Bronwyn Jenkins
Juice Extractor No. 184 Mosquera
Handmans Pack No. 065 Powell Family


The Indoor Volleyball team recently competed at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Indoor Volleyball Champs in Tauranga. In their first national competition, the team won Gold in Division Four. The team players were : Shane Taepa, james Slaats, Darryl McDavitt, Zach Wills, Kenneth Hau, David Wells, Thomas Crowley, Chad Smith, Shaun Butler & Jesse Jones."