Term 3 No 1 2006

Dear Parents and families,

In Gratitude: Mrs Tess Gaffney
On Monday 24 July, the College community, students, staff, Brothers, Old Boys and friends gathered in the College gym to recognise the service to the College of Mrs Tess Gaffney. We were joined by members of Mrs Gaffney’s family as well as 24 old boys who travelled from all parts of the country to recognise and thank an amazing lady.

Mrs Gaffney joined the College in 1970 as the Librarian. Brother Peter Bray, Principal (1979-1990) wrote that Mrs Gaffney “brought to that task (Librarian) a commitment and excitement that ensured that the students were able to access the very best material she could find…Underneath all the things she did in getting books, in keeping books and providing opportunities for students was a deep respect and care for the boys. This was displayed in very practical ways – she would follow through on what she had promised, she would respond to students who were having a hard time and would stand up for those who were finding the going tough. Brother Bill Firman, Principal 1998-2002 added, “With boys, Mrs Gaffney was always caring and helpful, gentle yet firm, sympathetic yet expecting achievement.”

In addition to her wonderful work in the library, Mrs Gaffney was passionate about the O’Shea Shield. She would put hours of her time into preparing the students who would represent the College and was very excited for them when they did well and very supportive of them when they did not. This was again a shining example of Gospel values in practice.

It was in 1976 that sadly one of Mrs Gaffney’s son’s, Mark, a Year 10 student at the College died of a brain tumour. Amongst his belongings were found half a dozen newspaper clippings relating to events at the College. These small clippings of Mark’s became the impetus for Mrs Gaffney to set up and maintain the College archives, a task she continues, with extraordinary devotion, to do today. As Brother Bill says, “she wanted to be sure that every student and staff member who would ever come to Francis Douglas Memorial College would understand the history, tradition and ethos” that makes this place the great College it is today.

The College salutes Mrs Gaffney as a woman who has made a great and generous contribution to Francis Douglas Memorial College for 36 years. She continues to be an example of the best values and principles a person can display.

Blessing & Opening of St Miguel Design & Technology Centre
On Friday 11 August, the College will be blessing and opening the St Miguel Design and Technology Centre. The building has been in the planning stage since Bro Bill Firman was Principal of the College and his vision and foresight has seen the realisation of this fine new building in 2006.

The Centre is being named after Saint Miguel Febres Cordero, a De La Salle Brother who was born in 1854 in Ecuador. He was aged 5 before he could walk, and physical disability and poor health would remain throughout his life. The nine year old Francisco attended the Brothers' first school in South America, and soon was attracted to their way of life. He found the Brothers' community and school to be a kind of second home but, on telling his parents of his wish to become a Brother, they were strongly opposed. It was several years after he became a Brother that his family grew to accept his vocation.

Brother Miguel became a great success as a teacher. No doubt his positive attitude was of great help: "Our first reaction in dealing with others," he said, "should always be to find something about them worthy of praise." In later years a younger Brother asked Miguel why, after many years of teaching, he made such detailed preparation. He replied that, whilst he had taught the topic for twenty years, probably he could find a clearer way of presenting it, so that it could be better understood. One of his former pupils wrote: "It was his great charm of manner that drew us to him, and we were always delighted to be with him at any time. He treated everyone alike. He genuinely enjoyed being among us, and we certainly loved to be with him." "He was known as the smiling Brother with the twinkling eyes." "He was one of the happiest persons I ever met." Miguel himself said: "Always work cheerfully for the Lord."

In naming the Design & Technology centre after St Miguel, we pay homage to a De La Salle Brother who is a fine role model for teacher and student alike.

Pray for Peace in the Middle East
The complex and vexing events of the past few weeks in Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and the wider Middle East have been the cause of great global concern. The plight of the ordinary, hardworking Israelis, Lebanese and Palestinians has been difficult to watch without some empathy for the danger that these people face on a daily basis. It is these very victims of violence, anger and deliberate misinformation who have the least to gain from political and military actions of any form of power elite, yet perversely it is those ordinary families who bear the overwhelming burden in any military clash. Let us pray for peace and justice for all those who suffer at the hands of oppression, with a particular focus on those Palestinian, Lebanese and Israeli families who are bearing the human cost in the latest round of violence in the Middle East. In a particular way let us keep in mind our fellow Lasallian schools in Beirut, Baskinta and Tripoli in Lebanon, in Jerusalem, Jaffa in Israel and Bethlehem in Palestine.

O God, You are the source of life and peace,

Praised be Your name forever.
We know it is You who turn our minds to thoughts of peace.

Hear our prayer in this time of war.
Your power changes the hearts.
Muslims, Christians and Jews remember
and profoundly affirm

that they are followers of the One God,
Children of Abraham,
brothers and sisters;

Enemies begin to speak to one another.

Those who were estranged join hands in friendship.
Nations seek the way of peace together.
Strengthen our resolve to give witness
to these truths by the way we live.
Give to us:

UNDERSTANDING, that puts an end to strife.

MERCY that quenches hatred.

FORGIVENESS that overcomes vengeance.
Empower all people to live in Your law of love. Amen.

Live Jesus in our hearts, forever!
Br Peter


The following students have received Deans awards in July:

Years 7 & 8 – Attainment - Dean Schicker, Daniel Morris, Ricky Riccitelli, Oliver Klups, Jonathon Ritchie, Bradley Townsend, Lee Conley


The Taranaki heats of the Rockquest were held this past weekend. FDMC was represented by six different bands who all performed exellent sets. Of these six bands, three have been chosen to compete in the Taranaki Finals on Saturday 5 August at the TSB Showplace. Congratulations to all the boys who performed over the weekend, and especially to the following boys and bands who will be competing again on 5 August:

• “Ruin” – Des Gilmore, Chas Carroll, Dillon Ropitini, Taylor Brien,
• “Crazy Mexican Shizza” – Nick Coulton, Kale Joines, Shehan Gunatunga, Scott Corboy.
• “The Red Roosters” – Dillon Walsh
• “Dormitabo” – Ben Hayley, Mark Jennings, Wicus Prinsloo, Darryl Powell, Ashley Gesterkamp.

Year 13 Geography Field Trip to Rotorua
On June 19 – 21, twenty-eight year 13 Geography students embarked on a 3-day field trip to Rotorua to investigate tourism development in the region. On arrival the boys were greeted with freezing sleet and gale force winds, quickly learning they had arrived on Rotorua’s coldest day in history, however the weather improved throughout the field trip and some great activities were enjoyed.

Some highlights of the field trip were visiting the Rotorua museum and learning about Rotorua’s cultural history, visiting Te Puia (formally known as Whakarewarewa) to sample the geothermal wonders held in the volcanic valley, making a trip out to the infamous Agrodome to watch the ‘world famous sheep show’, and taking part in adventure activities like the “swoop” and the g-force pulling sprint boats.

On the last day of the field trip a group of tired boys made the trek to Mt Ngongataha for the luge experience. A great comparison could be made between the beautiful and peaceful panoramic views of the gondola ride, compared to the yelling and screaming of bitter rivalries fought out on the luge track.

This year’s year 13 Rotorua field trip was a huge success, with the boys understanding the processes involved in Rotorua’s tourism development, while also taking part in some of the great attractions the city has to offer.


Again this year there has been a high level of interest in squash with a good number of new players also getting involved. Over 20 players have been attending our Monday night trainings at the Kaweroa Park Squash Club during Terms Two and Three. Some of the boys have been making tremendous progress with their game – an indication of the time and effort they are putting in.

Seven FDMC boys enter the Taranaki Secondary Schools Squash championships, which were held at Okato on June 25. The results indicate a strong showing in the boys’ division of the tournament.

Division 1: 1st place Daniel Charteris
                3rd place Brad Dobson
Division 2: 1st place Nick Stretton
                3rd place Reece Jordan

Central Squash, in conjunction with Sport Taranaki, are to run an inter-school tournament during the last eight weeks of Term three and we have three teams entered in this competition.

We are taking a team of six to represent FDMC at the NZSS Squash Nationals, which are being held in Wellington on 11 to 13 August. It has been pleasing to see some great competition for the last few places in the team, with the final line-up being Zac Wills, Daniel Charteris, Brad Dobson, Jason Andrews, Gareth Buick and David Sunley.

During the first weekend of the recent school holidays we sent a team of cyclists FDMC to the North Island Secondary Schools Cycling Championships in Ngarauwahia on July 1st.

Nick Sutton provided the highlight by finishing third in a bunch of 25 riders in the Under 14 race, while in the Under 15 event Denay Cottam was placed 9th, Josh Ferries 12th and Callum Ireland 14th. This was exceptional riding by all boys. Denay did a lot of work but got boxed in at the finish and both Callum and Josh were right up there also. The field was approximately 75 riders and this was probably the only occasion that most of them have ridden in an event of that size. As a team they were placed 8th in the Junior Boys Time Trial and really gave a good effort.

In the Under 17 event, Simon Squire had a great race in another large field and finished 10th in a bunch sprint for the line. John Froude also rode strongly in a very competitive Under 20 race. With two cyclists leading, he finished mid-field in the bunch sprint for third place.

The team is aiming for further improvement towards the National Secondary Schools Teams Time Trial Champioships and has a busy schedule coming up. They are heading down to West Coast North Island Road Team Time Trials event to be held at Rongatea on 30 July and this is followed by the Southend tour, to be held in Levin. Denay is also intending to attend the Nationals, which are in Dunedin, 17 – 22 October.

Many thanks to Jeremy and Racheal Cottam who do a great job in getting these boys to events all around the North Island.

FDMC 1st 11
The following students have been selected to play in the Trident Trophy Tournament in Inglewood on August 14-18, 2006: Michael Reive, Francisco Numes, Raul Solis, Stephen Kibby, Ronshi Perera, Conrad Poi, Rory Garner, Ryan Hall, Andrew Crowe, Morgan Hall, Shane Garner, Ashley Reader-Nokes, Stefan Walsh, Seamus Doyle, Tomas Mosquera, Edward Rawles, Sam Sutton, Jaden Hareb and Isaac Waite. Under the coaching of Glen Hooper the team have been training hard twice a week. We hope that the team plays as a unit, achieves a result that they are proud of and gets plenty of support.

During the School holidays both Nathan Coombes and Nick Sutton represented FDMC at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Duathlon Championships, which were held at Clive, near Hastings on Sunday 9 July.

Nathan had an outstanding race to take out the Intermediate title over a course that consisted of a 4 km run, and a 15 km cycle followed by another 2km run. It was a convincing win and he was a minute clear of his closest rival by the finish of the race.

Nick Sutton competed in the Year 8 Division and he also performed very well, to gain a 5th placing over the 2 km run, 8 km cycle, 2km run course.

Congratulations to both these boys. They are talented athletes, who succeed in a number of disciplines, with Nathan having been named in the NZ junior triathlon team for the second successive year.

TSS Ski/Snowboarding Competition
This event was held in perfect conditions on Mt Taranaki on 18 July. Eighty students entered. Each competitor had two timed runs down a Giant Slalom course. These times were combined to create a final time for placings and points to the schools.

FDMC snowboarders were Maxim Van Lierde, Tim Bowden, Jay Gable, Max Williams and James Finnerty. Our skiers were Finlay Neeson, Thornton Davies, Jack Burr, Jaden Hareb and Reuben Perry.

The outstanding placings were:
• Finlay Neeson – 1t in Junior Boys and fastest overall for the day
• Thornton Davies – 2nd in Junior boys
• Tim Bowden – 3rd in Junior boys Snowboarding

Taranaki Primary/Intermediate Skiing Competition
This event was held in icy conditions on Mt Taranaki on 25 July. FDMC entered a team of four Intermediate boys; Jamie hareb, Scott busing, Kurt Leuthart and Patrick Forsythe. All of these boys skied well and hold promise for the College in the future.

The outstanding places were:
• Scott Busing – 1st
• Jamie Hareb – 2nd


Auckland University Engineering Scholarships – 22 Kickstart scholarships are available to first year engineering students during 2007. For further information email engineering-kickstart@auckland.ac.nz or go to the website www.engineering.auckland.ac.nz and search “Kick Start”.

Career Services – Trades Information Evening
Wednesday 2 August – 6:30pm to 9:30pm at Pridham Hall, New Plymouth Boys High School. Industry representatives will be available to talk to : engineering, manufacturing, baking, refrigeration/air conditioning, dairy farming, Infrastructure, hospitality, building/construction, electrical training, electrical supply, joinery/carpentry/modern apprenticeships, automotive, plumbing, hairdressing.

University of Auckland – courses and careers day – Saturday 26 August 2006
All faculties will be open for prospective students to explore study options, career opportunities and life on campus. For further information contact Lorraine Pound on l.pound@auckland.ac.nz.

Fairfax New zealand Journalism Internships
Fairfax Media, publisher of the country’s leading newspapers, magazines and on-line information services, is establishing an intern scheme for journalists, starting in February 2007. They will consider applications from candidates who have a minimum qualification of NCEA Level 3. Apply on line to www.fairfaxnz.co.nz/careers before 18 August 2006.

APM Training Institute – scholarship opportunities to study in Australia
For students intersted in a career in marketing, public relations, event management, sports marketing/Management, entertainment marketing, music management, advertising or digital and interactive marketing. Check the website at www.am.edu.au or email

Keystone New zealand Property Education Trust
Applications are now open for the 2007 Keystone Trust Student Scholarship – students seeking to complete a course directly associated with the property industry, such as property management, civil engineering, valuation, architecture, quantity surveying, construction or real estate, should check the criteria for these scholarships on the Keystone website www.keystonetrust.org.nz

Career Services Website
As from July Career Services and KiwiCareers will be integrating their services into a single homepage, www.careers.govt.nz.

Tax refunds for people aged 14 to 19 years
The Inland Revenue Department has advised that young people aged 14 to 19 who have after school jobs may be entitled to a tax refund if they have worked part time during the year. For more information visit www.whatstax.govt.nz or call 0800 227 774.

University of Canterbury
• Tours through the Civil Engineering Laboratories
See what state-of-the-art research is underway, talk with the people doing the research and visit undergraduate lab classes in action. Tours on Wednesday 16 August and Wednesday 27 September starting at 2:30pm. For information contact Rebekah Hunt on (03) 364 2987 extn 7647 or email rebekah.hunt@canterbury.ac.nz.
• Accommodation Guide – is now out and this year there is an on-line application process @ www.canterbury.ac.nz/accom.
• Important dates
- 1 August-applications open for Sport Coaching and Teaching qualifications
- 15 September – Performance Music applications due
- 1 October – Halls of Residence applications due
- 1 December – Discretionary Entrance applications due
- 10 December – Fine Arts intermediate applications due
For more information www.canterbury.ac.nz/liaison/nationalactivities.shtml

Insitution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) Foundation Scholarships
Scholarships available for up to $5,000 each, with one scholarship specifically targetted at Taranaki students. Application forms available through the College Careers office.

Beyond the Camera 23
This workshop is open to all creative students, whether ehey are musicians, actors, budding film-makers, TV directors or camera and sound people. The venus is St Andrew’s College, Christchurch – 1-7 October 2006.
Website www.beyondthecamera.org.nz. Email swilliams@stac.school.nz

Pacific International Hotel Management School Career Week – 26-29 September
Experience reception and restaurant service, cooking and other important hotel operational functions. Meet with the current management and students on campus. Application forms available through the College Careers office.

Massey University – Aviation as a career?
Information evening at 7-8pm on Monday 21 August at the Auto Lodge Motor Inn, 393 Devon Street East. For info www.aviation.massey.ac.nz.

NZ Dairy Industry Undergraduate Scholarship Programme
Each year, on behalf of the NZ dairy industry, Dexcel Ltd awards 50 undergraduate scholoarships funded by Dairy InSight. These scholarships assist students of high academic calibre with leadership potential to undertake bachelor degrees in dairying related subjects at Massey and Lincoln Universities. Useful websites for further info: www.dexcel.co.nz, www.massey.ac.nz, www.lincoln.ac.nz.

University of Otago
• Accommodation – application can be made on line at www.otago.ac.nz. Any students considering applying for accommodation at Otago should ensure their applications are in before the end of Term 3, and offers of accommodation will be sent mid-October.
• No-cost calling for any course queries – freephone 0800 80 12 12

Police Recruitment Seminar
On Monday 4 September 2006 there will be a Police Recruitment Seminar on the second floor of the Atkinson Building, Devon Street West. It starts at 5.30pm and people should be away by about 7pm. Please ring 06 759 8855 to book - numbers are limited. It may suit some people who will have picked up information at the Careers expo to be able to ask further questions.


Blood giving
On 30 and 31 August there will be an opportunity for senior boys who wish to do so to become blood donors. Blood donors must fulfil certain criteria amongst which are; they must be over 50kg in weight, be 16 years of age or older and be in good health. For further information please contact Mr Peter Costello at the College, who will be co-ordinating the volunteers and arranging transport to and from the venue.

For sale – Kowhai trees – microphylla and macrophylla – many varieties to choose from, including “Tortured” – all student-propagated – ideal for aesthetic and riparian planting. Cost $2.50 each. For any enquiries or to order plants, contact Mr Paul Drury at the college office.

Funds raised by the sale of these plants will be used to develop and maintain the Agriculture/Horticulture programme.

Ohura Area School – 100th Jubilee Reunion – to be held on the weekend of 27-29 January 2007. All past pupils, teachers and interested persons of the Tatu, Puketihi, Waitewhena, Niho Niho, Mangakara and Ohura areas should contact Registrations secretary, Marie Perry, Tawa Street, ohura.



We want to start storing items for the “White Elephant” stall at next year’s Gala Day. Please give Wendy a call on 7573402 if you can help

College Calendar - August 2006

1 Science Fair – Display Day
1-9 Life Education Bus – Years 7-8
2-3 Adams Grammar School from England – sports visit
6 TSS Ten Pin Bowling
9 TSS Junior Basketball
11 Official opening of the St Miguel Design & Technology Centre
12 Feilding High School 1st XV @ FDMC
13 Youth Mass
TSS Mountain Biking
14-18 Tournament Week
20 TSS 8 Ball
21 Taranaki Careers Expo
21-23 Year 12 Geography trip
24 Yr 11 SCI Test III
28-30 Year 12 Retreat
30 TSS Indoor Bowls
30-31 Blood giving

Term Dates for 2006 2006 Holidays

Term 3 - 17 July - 22 September
Term 4 - 9 October - 14 December
Labour Day - Monday 23 October