Whole School Curriculum & Assessment

​​​​​​​At Francis Douglas Memorial College, we approach the Curriculum holistically - it is more than just academic study – and as such, we expect and encourage all of our students to be active in the College's larger life through participation in cultural, sporting, faith and service activities.

Years 11–13 should be viewed as a three-year course – it is the qualification at the end of Year 13 that each student should be, in general, striving towards. Career counselling ensures that each student has a goal, a plan and a pathway to achieve that goal.

To ensure that seniors have the advice and support they need to make good pathway decisions, we provide subject counselling interviews from Year 10 onwards (compulsory at Yr10, optional at Yr11-12).  Our Careers Advisor also offers additional subject advice and counselling opportunities.   

Although new options are available each year, most have prerequisites and build on prior knowledge, this is why attending a career counselling conversation is an essential part of a student’s subject selection process.

The key people are the Year Level Deans, the Deputy Principal Curriculum (NCEA), the Tumuaki / Principal, and the Careers Advisor.