International Students

Francis Douglas Memorial College welcomes the opportunity to have a number of International Students amongst its student body at all levels, either as boarders or day students in homestay accommodation. Every effort will be made to ensure that overseas students become part of the School community. We believe in the importance of traditional values such as honesty, respect, care and understanding.

We believe the school will be enhanced by having International students and the qualities they will bring to our school. We provide a safe and secure environment where all cultures are valued and where students are able to concentrate on their learning and develop their own individual talents.
The benefits for local students will mean that they will become more aware that New Zealand is a multi-cultural society and to embrace the opportunity to learn about and interact with other cultures.
For International students, we would hope that they achieve academically within the New Zealand education system, to enjoy the culture and lifestyle of New Zealand and to participate in school life as fully possible. We will also offer the opportunity for International students to develop the ability and confidence to communicate competently in English and in doing so, to develop personally and to return home enriched intellectually, socially and culturally. 

Mr Tim Stuck